Adding the admx files from Office 2010 admin templates into your GPMC

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I had to add some Outlook 2010 specific GPO’s this week and found the instructions available on the net weren’t quite adequate. So I thought I would explain the procedure I took to get it done.

First off, you will need to download the admin template files Get them here

The 32bit and 64bit admx files are identical.  You only need the different versions if you are using the Office Customization Tool (OCT)

The downloaded file is a self-extracting file. Just launch it and extract the file to a folder. Inside that folder will be an admx folder and the corresponding language files (in their own folders). There will also be an adm folder (these are the older style adm template files) and a admin folder (which you only need if your using OCT and don’t have the enterprise office install)

Now go to the folder C:windowssyvoldomainpolicies

Create a folder inside of policies folder called policydefinitions  and copy all the files from the admx folder that was created  from the extraction  and any language file folders you may need. The complete folder path will be C:windowssyvoldomainpoliciespolicydefinitions 

In my case I added all the office admx files and only the corresponding English languages.

admx locations

Close your group policy console if open and re-open it. As shown below, all of the Office 2010 admx template files will now show up under Administrative templates since it is retrieving them automatically from the central store.


In this particular case I was adding a GPO to automatically check user spelling before sending emails.

spelling rule

That’s It. Now that wasn’t too difficult after all

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  1. John Brines says:

    Hi There,

    It Should be “PolicyDefinitions” and not “policy definitions”


  2. AL says:

    Thanks for this. We use GPOs for Windows settings and were looking for a way to do Office settings. The Office GPO page is kind of confusing. Thanks!

  3. Thang says:

    Excellent instructions. Worked like a charm.

    Only thing I would suggest is to have the folder structure fully displayed, i.e. put in the “\”‘s.

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