Windows 8 based PE boot disk loaded with many great utilities

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Most recent builds of Win81PEx86 and Win81PEx64

Updated version of Win8PE which now includes both x86 and x64 versions available here 

Also check out my all new Dual Booting Win8.1PE with option to boot into either x86 or x64 versions

My most recent versions with even more utilities and apps  is the Standalone Win8.1Update_PE x64 or x86  also includes a Brazilian keyboard version download.

This customized Windows 8 PE x86 boot disk with windows 8 explorer shell and many great diagnostic and repair utilities. I have updated this iso  on 06.07.13 to include two imaging /cloning applications.  Drive Image XML and Drive Snapshot. Shortcuts for each  in the start menu and on the desktop. It includes the following open source free apps

Google Chrome 26 Opera 12
7Zip MBR Fix
ServiWin Regshot
Eraser Filezilla FTP
Foxit PDF Reader Infran View
Multi Res Notepad ++
Process Explorer Process Hacker
Tree Size Tweet Deck
IMDisk Virtual Disk Defraggler
DriveImage XML Drive Snapshot
VLC Virtual Keyboard
All portable apps are listed in the Windows Start Menu under all programs.


If you prefer to use the Portable Apps menu instead then run the Portable Apps Menu shortcut on the desktop.  The portable apps menu also allows you to download more apps by selecting the Apps>Get more apps. These freshly downloaded apps will only be available during the current session.






Gandalf's_Win8PE_x86-4-30-2013 4-17-37 AM

It’s a large download (about 500mb) so be patient it can take 10-20 minutes (depending on your internet speed) to download. After downloading burn the bootable Gandalf’s_Win8PE_x86.ISO file to CD, USB or mount  the iso.

A BIG THANKS to everyone over at and the Win8PE SE Project for the great work they have done in helping me create this win8pe disk.

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  1. Ben Fern says:

    Awesome PE boot diagnostic disk!! Thanks for sharing. I will be back

  2. Scott Emick says:

    Does it include disk defrag, just curious?

  3. Steve says:

    nice job. An imaging client like clonezilla or Acronis would round this disk out perfectly

  4. Very nice. I’m wondering, if we’re comfortable editing files into the ISO, if that would somehow render it unbootable. I’d like to put Fab’s Autobackup, D7, and a few others onto the desktop.

    • gandalf50 says:

      It shouldn”t break it, but unless you’re familiar with how winpe boot disk work, adding to the iso will not make it part of the booted windows. The files you add will exist on the cd drive when you boot up and they may or may not work. They most likely wont unless they are self-running exe’s or portable apps. If you are familiar with wim files that’s where the main windows boot exists and what you need t edit

  5. Hey, next suggestion: Skip the “Press a key to boot to CD” stage.

    • gandalf50 says:

      I would just change your boot order to boot from hard disk first. Then if you want to boot from CD or USB hit the key to enter your computers boot menu, usually F12 but, watching to start screen it usually tells you.

  6. etherscythe says:

    Aw yeah. Now I have a replacement for Reback38’s “Windows 7 PE” (it’s actually based on the Vista kernel…), and explorer search actually works in this one. My multi-bootable (grub4dos-based) flash drive just got a little more awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    I’ll second the vote of removing the “press any key to boot…” prompt though.

  7. etherscythe says:

    Update: you just have to remove BootFix.bin from the ISO to skip the prompt and boot directly from the media. You might also consider updating/removing the link to this thread on the PE desktop; the URL has changed and it now goes to a 404 error.

    • gandalf50 says:

      I have updated the iso to include two versions. One that requires the press any key and one that does not. Choose which ever suits your needs. Also fixed the deskop PE url and updated some of the portable apps.

  8. etherscythe says:

    Sweet. I’ve modded a variant of it for my use but those users without UltraISO or the the gumption to mess with the WAIK to get down into the gritty customization details will no doubt appreciate it :-)

  9. Billsey says:

    Would setting this up for booting on an UEFI only system be as simple as copying the efi folder on a Windows 8 install disk over, or is there more involved?

    • gandalf50 says:

      Haven’t tested it on UEFI . Don’t have one available so cant say if that is the case.

      • [] A [] says:

        Boy! After almost two years of tweaking and theming Android apks, close to a 1000 posts mainly on trying to help out others and to exchange with devs about how to improve theirs apps on a very popular Android Dev forum, AM I GLAD TO END UP ON THIS URL tonight !?! It makes me all excited to get my hands dirty with Windows – espacially now that I got myself some well deserved cpu power upgrade..
        Well, let’s cut to the chase; I’m real sorry to be the n00b asking here [but no time to download / test the iso for another day or so…] BUT has this any chance of working on my new rig which runs on win8 home basic oem 64bit OS (UEFI/gdp SSD/HDD/8gig ram/i7-4770] setup?

        After 2 blown MBs, 1 dead hdd with pretty much ALL my last 4 years personal data gone [will pay a data recovery specialist but…]„

      • [] A [] says:

        Dang small screen smartphones press submit by mistake.

        Anyhow, spent the last 2 weeks trying to find a way to get data back from that, learning new OS, reading and reading to try to find a free and reliable alternative to my old and trusted BartPE/DriveimageXML bckup/recovery solution… Last read was on WinPE for (WAIK) which seemed a little daunting (1.7 gig dl and lots to digest in – just for creating a new boot cd + cab / exec files…

        So if your iso can become a backup and rescue thumb drive for me, I’d be a very happy camper. Please tell me that x86 is fine, that I do not need 64 bit for gdp partitioned drives cloning and that the iso will boot – maybe wih just turning off fatboot, secure boot and turning on CST OS legacy mode.

        So I’d say anyway: thanks for your work and the very helpful knowledge sharing you’re doing here. It is very kind of you and I admire that. On the above mentioned forum, I’d be the first one to draw members to your thread and incite people to donations b-)

        Thanks again and sorry for the long double posts

        • gandalf50 says:

          You can burn the iso image to a usb and boot from it. It comes with two imaging solutions driveimage xml and drive snapshot. I prefer snapshot. The drive snapshot is trial but if you use the link on the desktop it downloads a fresh version of the trial. It’s not that large a download and it should work fine on x64.

          • [] A [] says:

            Hi, thanks I did burn it to cd and the iso did work once (like I suspected) I’ve turned off secure boot, set “Load Legacy OPROM” from UEFI to Legacy. So everything is golden ;-)

            I did not try drive snapshot as I kind of hesitate to connect to network having no security/firewall turned on. Besides, my desktop is currently to far to plug into router and your iso doesn’t include drivers for my integrated wifi.

            Anyhow, it will be interesting to see if the Win8PE gurus find out how to boot with secured boot left on.

            It does get confusing real fast (at least for me) when one goes to try USB booting with secure boot on x64 EUFI/GPD hdd setups. So for now, I keep on learning about all that and feel reassured that I have at least a boot CD that let me use driveimage xml(DIX). So thanks again for that.

            I do wonder though if DIX does copy the other 3 hidden partitions from my drive (the EFI/GPT/MSR – FAT32/other) or just the OS partition alone…
            I guess that I’ll have to find that out before disaster arrives and I go on formatting the ssd and thus (maybe) rendering the use Win8PE/DIX backup restoration useless… But that’s really off-topic for this thread now…
            Thanks again anyhow.

          • [] A [] says:

            Makes me scratch my head a little…

            Query on “Add standard EFI Boot for Win8PE or Win7PE x64”


  10. giacomo says:

    hi, I frequently use your windows 8 pe: Thanks for your contribution! I want to modify the installation by putting some batch files, at can I do to enter commands or programs at startup? thanks again

    • gandalf50 says:

      This can be very difficult if you have never worked with offline images. It would require modifying your boot.wim in the sources folder ofline using dism. Adding the programs or batch file you want to the image. And then adding them to your startup folder or the win8pe.cfg in the autoruns section.

  11. mc-kay says:

    Thanks a lot, saved my ass where I had to recover some files from a ReFS partition!

  12. Tone says:

    Best PE I’ve seen.

    No network in VMware though.

    Would you teach us how to add portable apps please.

    This could be the best thing ever.


  13. gandalf50 says:

    I have network in both VMware and Hyper-V.
    What kind of portable apps? You can download new ones from the portable app menu directly. If you want to add ones not offered there it can be tricky. I plan on writing a blog detailing how to add apps in the near future.

  14. Tone says:

    Thanks for your speedy reply.
    I’m using VMware 9 and have had a similar problem with other PE’s where they worked fine in QEMU. I’m happy you have confirmed this. I’ll uninstall it and try an earlier VMware player.

    Regarding portable apps, i’d like to add to the Portable Apps menu which is already there plus add one i have made myself. It’s a simple standalone searchbar which opens the default browser.
    Also, is there a way to point to a folder from VMware where i can run other portable apps and standalone executables without having them included in the ISO?

    After i learn how to do this i will send you a copy of the searchbar as i’m sure you will want to include it in your future PE’s.

    Thank you for your generosity. This is the most excellent PE i have ever seen.


  15. Tone says:

    Oh by the way, i was delighted that i could run my tweaked version of opera 12 including all of my extensions. This is the first PE that has ever allowed me to do this.
    What i’m hoping to do eventually is have a PE that includes all of my portables sitting in a nice 12 gig ISO, running from a USB external.

  16. Tone says:

    in a VMware Player – preferably QEMU ( as it runs as a portable )

  17. Tone says:

    Ok, i got it all sorted.
    I had to make a fresh Win 8 .vmdk in VMware and enabled shared folders for the other query about running other portable apps from a seperate folder.
    I got write errors whilst trying to update the Portable Apps direct.
    Is there a reason the Windows Firewall is turned off by default?

  18. Tone says:

    Is there a limit to how many portable apps you can install?

    • gandalf50 says:

      No there isn’t a limit. The amount of memory you have will of course limit how many apps you can run at once and the more apps you install the larger your file becomes and the longer it takes to load. I wouldn’t go overboard with trying to include every imaginable app.

  19. Tyler says:

    I spoke to you on technibble a while back about modifing this PE to run D7. You stated that internet Explorer is ot part of the build thus why D7 is not working correctly. I have tried messing around with the defaultapps.ini file in D7 but I believe that file just points to downloads.

    My question: Is there any possible way to add Internet Explorer to this build? If so can you give me any hints on how to get this done?

  20. Tyler says:

    I understand that but is there anyway that I can modify it to use Internet explorer.

    • gandalf50 says:

      Not that I’m aware of. It may be easier to contact D7 and see if its possible to associate the program with a different browser.

  21. norm says:

    when i try to download this your sky drive asks for a user name and password?

  22. Donm says:

    Undoubtedly the best PE boot disk ever! Also a fantastic UI with more utilities that one will ever need. It’s so well done there’s no wonder you have added a time limit to prevent piracy. Can’t thank you enough.

  23. BrandonM says:

    Hi Everybody,

    Looking for a password reset utility to reset or at least create a new local windows 8 user account. I setup one of my pcs with a Microsoft account vs a local account and now I can’t get in due to a username and password issue. I logged into the Microsoft site and my password works fine… Any ideas if there is something on this ISO or a link to a utility that will work?
    Let me know. Thanks a lot for reading this!

  24. corey says:

    Hi thank you for this works well however with systems with uefi it will not boot. I’ve tried to and the uefi boot file, it boots but hand after windows logog and thoughts to make it work with uefi?

  25. Corey says:

    Hi how would i get this to work with uefi boot?
    when i take the boot.wim to the windows pe and build iso when booting it shuts down the system.

  26. tdo722 says:

    Hi gandalf50,

    Can you show me how you added the driveimage xml to a winpe.wim file? I have the winpe.wim file from WAIK and all I need is just driveimage xml. I need to upload this wim file into my WDS server so I cannot have a big wim file. Thanks, tdo722

    • gandalf50 says:

      The easiest way might be to use dism to mount the wim file and remove the apps you don’t want and then re-save the wim. Google dism commands for more info

      • tdo722 says:

        Thanks gandalf50. What about iscsi? I tried to add it but when I booted into winpe and ran net start msisci then I got an error message that said “not a valid win32 application”.

  27. jmdbox says:

    Great work, this is a pretty slick live cd. Oh for anyone who might want to mod anything.. check out “dism gui” —>

    i just found it easier then command line tool for modding wim files. I used it successfully to change the wallpaper since i prefer a very dark backround.

  28. Aloh says:

    Sorry, but how to get this image to USB so it can also boot from USB?

  29. Jonathan says:

    hello, is possible change keyboard layout for pt-br abnt2? thank you

  30. Don says:

    Hi Gandalf50, Great PE… I confirm this x86 PE will not boot into UEFI unless turned off…I also performed an experiment with Win 8 PRO install discs…The ‘Win8 Pro x86’ disc will not boot into UEFI ‘BUT’ the ‘Win8 Pro x64’ disc will boot with UEFI turned on….Can your Win PE x86 be converted

  31. Don says:

    to an x64 version..or..created in x64

  32. Don says:

    Thanks……I will definitely keep monitoring this site for your x64 update !

  33. Mark says:

    I have got to say this PE is great. I have used one the was built on Windows 7 32 bit. I needed one that had USB3 drivers installed. I have put Ghost 11.5 and Macrium Reflect into the software. Tried to put in tape drivers with using the command line that said it was successful, but in the device manager it was not loaded. Used the same files and loaded in your pe and it worked like a charm. I was wandering if after installing in winpe could I just copy the registry files in config folder in system32. Then after in dos prompt expand the wim file and copy and over right the files then compress back the wim file? Hope all this makes sense.

    • gandalf50 says:

      It kind of makes sense. Give it a try. Just make sure to copy the boot.wim into the sources folder on the iso and the re-save the iso. Let me know if it works

  34. itsrlong says:

    Has the iso been removed? I can’t download it…

  35. Mark says:

    I have put Ghost 11.5 and Macrium Reflect into the software. Also it has recover options from Windows 7 which works seamless on Windows PE5.0. It is a zip file that you can put on a USB or on a hard drive for access so you can do a complete backup. I have to say that gandalf50 has made a great PE from windows 8 32 bit. Most software needs to be run in 32 bit. If anyone incorporates more useful tools let us all know. The link is

  36. itsrlong says:


    your link doesn’t work.

  37. Mark says:

    I re-uploaded the link. This is the new one. Sorry about the confusion. It is still built on gandalf50 winpe.

  38. ChrisR says:

    Perhaps it is well to quote the original project on which it was built
    No ;) or a small thanks.

  39. Mark says:

    Hey ChrisR do know why the site hasn’t responded to creating a log on for new comers? I think both projects are exception for the novice computer user. Hopefully I can log on the web site.

  40. adam says:

    can the next version include this? I love the easy to use interface and its free

  41. HW says:

    Hi Mark
    Love your work. Would it be possible to have just the OS and drivers with no software, but please add chinese character to it please. So the chinese can enjoy your good work too. Many thanks

  42. Lola Kumar says:

    Hey love your work.
    How do I integrate drivers into this build?

  43. Mark says:

    I have posted how I did it on the web page . Hopefully this will help.

  44. rence says:

    Hi, can you please tell me how to add a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware? or can you please add it on your next release? Thank you./

  45. .yunus Khan says:

    Is it possible to include ghost64.exe and partedmagic? I would like to have this winpe, but your download link breaks down due to sky error!
    Would you please give a functioning link for download. Thanks

    • gandalf50 says:

      You are the first person to complain about some kind of error downloading. What is the exact error you are getting.
      I will look into adding partedmagic. I dont believe ghost is freeware.

  46. Tim Fitz says:

    Hi Gandalf
    I installed it on a multiboot thumb drive when I try to add apps from portable app site I get a screen saying not enough room for more apps.This is a 32gb drive with 10 gb used is there a way to make the file bigger for your win8 pe boot disk?

  47. Zed says:

    I cannot unlock a bitlocked drive. Manage-bde not available

    Am I doing something wrong?

  48. Frank Vandecruys says:

    Congratulations! The best PE ever.
    I have a licenced version of DRIVESNAPSHOT, is there a method for incorporating this?

    • gandalf50 says:

      There should be a shortcut on the desktop which downloads a fresh demo when the demo has timed-out. It’s a tiny file.
      This is much easier than having to mount the wim file and entering your license info into the registry offline and then re-saving it.

  49. Frank says:

    Great ISO!

    Over the years I used Bart PE, but it is a little outdated.
    One important feature would be adding Malwarebytes, SpyBot and AVG.

    One of the main reasons I used a live CD is for virus removal and password rest.

    Just my two cents…
    Thank you

  50. omsai says:

    hi dear,
    above mention site how to download iso.

  51. Ryan says:

    Hi Sir,

    Does it support Bitlocker?

  52. Alama says:

    Hi Gandalf, Awasome idea !! Next step is x64 version :p Thanks for your work..

  53. Alama says:

    Oupssss Sorry, x64 version exist !! :) iget it ..

  54. jaskerx says:

    Would this work for flashing a Lenovo BIOS update? I’m using Linux and this would be perfect.

  55. JMc says:

    Hi, I have just found your site and your disk looks fantastic. I however, have a WinPEv5 (ADK8.1) boot disk with my encryption recovery tools on it. When it boots you get the cmd window and then I navigate to the folder and run the exe to start the tools.
    I would like to incorporate the windows shell and also a file manager (previously used A43 in BartPE) and our copy of ghost so i can decrypt on the fly then ghost the disk (like i do in BartPE) Can you please give me some advice/links on how to add the shell and my utilites onto my WinPE encryption recovery disk. What to put where etc
    I would be very grateful. Many thanks

  56. vince says:

    Hi, thanks for the great work. I managed to boot n run the iso from ext hdd.
    I also managed to install drivers, but when I reboot the laptop, the drivers are gone. Is there a way to overcome this problem? Thanks.

  57. Bill says:

    Is there a version that includes Team Viewer, and Ghost already in the OS?

  58. OldDosBastid says:

    Excellent tool sir.

    A question. Would it be possible to use this as a replacement for winre.wim? Such as a local F9 customized recovery solution?

    So one could simply run a more robust recovery tool from their machine locally?

    I realize it would not help having the tool on the hard drive for some instances such as partition corruption. But it would certainly beat the basic RE for most other issues.

  59. viktor says:

    Hi, I have been very interested in making custom images for different reasons but as many I have run into problems with adding and modifing drivers and add on software like DirectX for possible gaming as I’m not an expter in this area. I would love to see at least directX 9 added if possible. Also is it possible for you to make a HEAVY version which has many programs and drivers added? I have 128GB USB 3.0 sticks which boot your current 8.1 in a few seconds and work well with my WiFi and sound but Nvidia Optimus fails to function as target drive is to little to install half my heavy softwares to ram. Thanks in advance and I respect if its not possible.

  60. Bill says:

    Hi There,
    would you be able to create a custom winPE for us with our own apps please ?

  61. Herman says:

    I run Internet Explorer in my own Win8PE
    But for one site i need the add ons:

    Name XML DOM Document
    Publisher Microsoft Corporation
    Status Enabled

    Name XSL Template
    Publisher Microsoft Corporation
    Status Enabled

    Name Free Threaded XML DOM Document
    Publisher Microsoft Corporation
    Status Enabled

    so i need Msxml3.dll

    Everytime when my Winpe restarts in need to allow Msxml3.dll *(3times)
    can i allow this automatic when my WinPe starts?
    Because whenn i start Your PE i dont need to allow its working perfectly. but how?? :$
    Thanks Gandalf!

  62. JanF says:

    Hi I have preinstalled win8 64bit on asus K55VD-SX504H. It won’t boot from recovery partition. It boot from linux and I try lots of win8 iso but steal won’t boot. can you help me with fixing MBR? Battery has been taken out in the middle autorepair. no:Q

  63. Daren says:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for , been using hiren’s boot disk for years but it doesn’t work that well with windows 8 especially the password reset…. If you can get yours setup like Hirens yours would be the best win8 boot utility out there. To boot to win8 and clean up a PC I will use this from now on, if I need to reset a password I will have to boot with my other boot app called “Passcape Software Reset Windows Password Advanced Edition”, at least I am back in business. Thank you!!

  64. Steve says:

    Great Tool! A few questions/requests/suggestions:
    1. Is there any way to add Portable apps on a more permanent basis? Currently, it will only ‘keep’ those that you have ‘installed’. I installed quite a few others, but they disappear after reboot…
    2. Probably goes along with #1, but is there a way to ‘keep’ ClamAV definition updates? It seems that if I update the definitions, the next boot they are gone as well. Since many times I need to use some AV on a system that has no internet access, this becomes a problem.
    3. I will echo the request for MalWareBytes and ask for SuperAntiSpyware as well. As several have mentioned, many times the need for a clean boot PE is for spyware/virus/malware removal

    Thanks again for a great tool!

    • gandalf50 says:

      I will be releasing a Win7PE soon that addresses all the issues you mention. Stay tuned. thx

      • Steve says:

        Bummer…does that mean that Win8 can’t do those things? I’m currently using your dual boot (32/64 bit) version, but put the comment on this post instead…should I copy this over to that post?

        While I’me here, I’d also like to add the possibility of a key locator…a critical tool on an unbootable hard drive…

  65. Rich says:

    Hi gandalf50,

    I had an annoying issue with the tool on a particular laptop (Acer Aspire Switch 10). Certain qwerty keys (u, i, o, etc.) have a second function overlaid to simulate a numpad (hold ‘Fn’ for second function). Unfortunately under your boot disk these keys are stuck on ‘Fn’. I guess it’s a driver issue, (though I always assumed those keys were firmware based). The issue is not present with my own 8.1 boot disks so it seems to be something you’ve added/removed.

    Is there anything I can add/remove from your image that might resolve this? I might have to image a tonne of these laptops and would love to have this tool as a backup.


    • gandalf50 says:

      First I have heard of this issue. Can’t think of anything off hand. Sorry

    • m4zzic says:

      Hey Rich,
      I also got the Switch 10 and I really could use this disk. How did you get it to boot? I couldn’t figure it out. Does it really support UEFI32? Did you do anything special?
      I’d love to hear your solution to this.

  66. Marcelo Dias says:

    Ola sou brasileiro heh e fiquei muito contente com seu tralho mas estou com um problema na hora de inicializar ele da erro Segue o link!30964&authkey=!AHMmhbdnRty

  67. Kush says:

    You sir , are a true Gandalf. You help the most when everything seems lost……………..

    You are the best dude…….Keep up the good work…..

    One suggestion : If possible also copy these files to Google drive , so that the download speed increases…

    Thanks for everything…..YOU THA REAL MVP

  68. Jon says:

    I found your DVD interesting. I don’t use Windows and was pleased to see that it worked when I loaded it. I have a Dell Vostro 470 (x64) and bluetooth does not work in linux. I had read that if I got BT working in Windows that it would also work in linux. Seems odd, maybe it writes something to the chipset? It was worth a try.

    Unfortunately, live DVD does not have BT drivers, or the ones I needed. I downloaded them from Atheros but Setup won’t run (I guess it needs a real install). Still, I applaud your efforts. If I was a Windows user this would be a great tool for disaster recovery.

    • gandalf50 says:

      Setup may not work but extract you BT driver to a folder . All you need is the inf files . Then copy them to the usb . Once booted into the image Go to device manager and find your BT device with the problem and select update driver and browse to the location on your usb that you saved the BT drivers to. Check this video . Its for adding a wireless nic but is basically the same thing. If that works for you then you can make it permanent by injecting the driver into your offline wim file and saving the changes.

  69. Jon says:

    Thanks for the link. I had tried something similar to this already. Now I think perhaps my problem is that I am booting to DVD so I cannot write to it. I tried putting the downloaded drivers on X: but I kept getting errors. Perhaps I need to try the usb method.

  70. Kush says:

    Is it possible somehow to save changes made to the PE after rebooting it ?

  71. Jon says:

    Referring back to my comment on 30 Apr, re: Bluetooth, I have now installed “Gandalf’s_Win8.1uPE_x64.ISO” onto a flash drive. I’m still not able to get bluetooth drivers working.

    During driver install, the downloaded BT driver (Atheros Dell 1703) didn’t load because system is missing BluetoothApis.dll, So I copy this file to the flash drive and after booting, copy to System32.

    Then I run the copied Atheros driver install (install.exe) from it’s directory on the flash drive. This directory also contains the .inf. In now finishes without complaint but it also wants to restart to activate, and of course that puts me back to square 1.

    I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or doing something that simply cannot be done.

    Any thoughts?

  72. Kush says:

    Is it possible to install windows .NET framework 3.5 and directx on the newer versions of your PEs?

  73. Kush says:

    Thanks , buddy………….

  74. Kush says:

    How do I change the size of X:(Boot) partition ? I need to increase it……plz help

  75. Samuel says:

    Thanks for the file. Hope it will save my butt. I damaged my laptop boot process with no install/repair disk around.

    I need my system working for tomorrow.

  76. Billy A says:

    I will be looking into editing the disk as well, but wanted to ask how much trouble it would be to include WDDLG, EZPcFix, NTPWedit, and even a couple more of the AV / Anti Malware Apps available on the Great disc by the way. So far has worked great where a lot of others didn’t.

  77. Saruman says:

    Some of my Dell laptops are not showing the USB drive. Can you insert\update the USB driver for SS (USB 3.0) for both?

  78. ebaleytherogue says:

    I love the build, Gandalf! Excellent stuff. I use it as a USB boot.

    Are there plans to add a good multi-pass DOD level drive eraser? I could add one, to the WIM, but I’d rather stay with you builds if possible. Just curious. Thanks much.

  79. felipe says:

    thanks a lot man….

  80. Debuser says:

    I am looking for a rescue cd/usb image with windows/pe containing (Phoenix edid designer) to get a backup of my monitor’s edid. Kindly include this and/or any other freely available edid backup/program utility.

  81. Wayne says:

    Hello Gandalf,
    I would like to install .net 3.5 & 4 on current winpe 8 build, I know that the 8.1 version has both!, It is critical for me to install it on version 8.0.
    I know how to mount and install packages like .NET4X and save wim file.
    nothing i do makes it work.
    Can you please explain in few guidelines how to make .NET 3.5/4 frame work to run on current winpe build? like you made in winpe8.1?
    I will be grateful for that,
    Thanks in advance.

    • robert says:

      I have the same problem. prior using gandalfs great PE. I created a pe from WAIK. I installed the NET4X successfully. when adding package to gandalds WIM I have no success in running .net4 programs. How can I fix it?
      10’x robert.

  82. robert says:


  83. spunki says:

    Please help me, I get this error message

    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fih the problem:

    1. Insert your installation disc and restart your computer
    2. Choose your language settings, and then click next
    3. Click repair your computer

    If you do not have this disc, contact your system administarator or computer manifacturer dor assistance

    File: \Boot\BCD

    Status: 0xc000000e

    Info: The Boot Configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors

    Am I doing something wrong?

  84. spunki says:

    I write it to 2 usb memory sticks and 2 DVD disc, but I got this error message.

    May I ask you to give me a link from where can I download one of your latest build Windows 8 Boot?


  85. dawpuick says:

    i cant use on hp elite pad

  86. anonymous says:

    this link is broken,bro!

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