NEW Dual Booting Win8.1PE x86 & x64

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My all new Win8.1PE available as a dual booting x86 or x64 versions.  This version includes the apps listed below as well as some new ones, like Internet Explorer 11 and ClamWin Antivirus. Updated 01-23-14 to include TeamViewer and D7 Technician Tools. D7 only for x86 version. It doesn’t seem to want to load on the x64 version.
Google Chrome 32 Internet Explorer 11
7Zip MBR Fix
ServiWin Regshot
Clamwin Antivirus ANote
Eraser Filezilla FTP
Foxit PDF Reader Irfan View
Multi Res CC Cleaner
Process Explorer Process Hacker
Tree Size Process Monitor
IMDisk Virtual Disk Defraggler
DriveImage XML Drive Snapshot Disk Imager (use desktop icon if trial times out)
VLC Virtual Keyboard
MS Wordpad StartisBack (ctrl & win key for start screen)
Media Player Classic MS Paint
D7 Technician Tools (only x86) TeamViewer
PicPick Screen Capture Virtual Magnifying Glass

All portable apps are listed in the Windows Start Menu under Portable Apps. If you prefer to use the Portable Apps menu instead then run the Portable Apps Menu shortcut on the taskbar.  The portable apps menu also allows you to download more apps by selecting the Apps>Get more apps. These freshly downloaded apps will only be available during the current session

portable apps menu


boot menu


desktop all programs menu (2) system info Pressing the Ctrl plus the Windows key will bring up the Start Screen if you prefer using that instead of  StartisBack start screen


It’s a large download (1.33gb) so be patient it can take 15-30 minutes (depending on your internet speed) to download.  After downloading burn the bootable ISO file to DVD, USB or mount  the iso. A BIG THANKS to everyone over at and the Win8.1PE SE Project for the great work they have done in helping me create this WIN8.1PE disk.

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  1. Ali Abbas Rajani says:

    patch version ?

    • gandalf50 says:

      This is Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]

      • Johnbo says:

        Awesome work gandalf50! I’ve never liked PE versions until now ;) Being an Opera fan from way back also was thrilled to see that in the x86 version (currently downloading the dual). Only favorite missing for me is Total Commander. I’ll see if I can add it in. It is essentially a portable program anyway as I can just file copy it to any drive and run it. Cheers

      • Gaberilde2 says:

        Can you put mouse keys in this also pic pick dosent appear to work in 64 bit it says acess viloitiain when I press alt gr

      • Bugsey says:

        I am about to download this product to see if it can help with my current problem and here its.

        I attempted a system restore and now I get an error saying there has been a serious issue and machine keeps rebooting. The F8 button does not respond. Will this product help doing a system restore if not can you point me in the right direction ?

        • gandalf50 says:

          It really depends on the error message you are getting. It can help with virus detection, mbr errors , partition errors and much more.

      • gaberilde says:

        hi its good all drivers work out of the box for me but the boot drive get filled up can u make a version where it has more space? i think its the oem thing that does it or tell me how to add it to my own pe because i dont know how to add the oem option i never seen it before so it must be there

    • mlist says:

      Hi Gandalf

      Thank you for your great work!
      But…I have just a question: is legal this disk? In the past I read somewhere that a windows PE disk require a license…..

  2. Ian says:

    Any chance of pre-baking Teamviewer QS or Portable in? I’ve tried adding it to the wim myself (and doing it via the temp method as well) and it causes a couple DLL errors that I haven’t been able to resolve :-(

    • gandalf50 says:

      I will add that soon. In the interim you could always go to your portable apps menu > apps > get more apps and install it. It would of coarse only be available for the current session.

      • Ian says:

        For some reason the portable version doesn’t work either. There is a chance it could be related to running it in VMware workstation as opposed to a full boot, but I doubt it. I’ll check though.

        • gandalf50 says:

          I just checked it in Hyper-v and it works for me (at least to the start up screen). Let me know

          • Ian says:

            No Joy. The only customization I made beyond removing some of the portable apps is the installation of the McAfee eeTech tool. This was on the non-windows 8.1 version (your previous one). Maybe the 8.1 just works better :-)

    • gandalf50 says:

      Updated 01-23-14 to include TeamViewer and D7 Technician Tools. D7 only for x86 version. It doesn’t seem to want to load on the x64 version

  3. Mark says:

    I have been working on making a 8.1 from WinBuilder but I am not to happy with it. Yours is very solid. I thought you put two wim’s into one but that is not the case. Are you able to upload just the 86 version? It would only be around 350 mega bits. I only use the wim part and boot to it direct from hard drive.


  4. Mark says:

    To Grandalf

    I found the 2nd wim file.
    Thanks for all your work


  5. eric says:

    apreciate your work and should be perfect if
    it is possible that in a new versión include
    WinNTsetup App.

  6. eric says:

    and also yu can try to include gimagex

    and onece again your work it is super

  7. Ian says:

    What’s recommended way to put this on a usb pen?

  8. Adrian Alexandru says:

    I want to start congratulating you on your work with this page and the great job with the windows 8.1 PE image.

    I would like to ask you something, if I may :)

    I have tried to integrate the Lenovo Powermanager in a Windows 8.1 PE image, but whenever I want to run it, I keep getting the message saying that “.net feature is not activated”.

    I successfully activated that feature using Windows ADK as described on the Microsoft page but am still getting this error.

    Can you tell me how I could successfully install the Lenovo Powermanager on the 8.1PE image, if that’s even possible?

    Could I somehow install it on my already existing 8.1PE image? that would be great!

    Many Thanks in advance,

  9. Charles says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    Great work, and thanks for sharing it with us!
    I know somebody already asked about it, so forgive me for asking again:

    But could you be so kind and explain us how we can create (or how to modify your x86-64) a x86 only version?

    Appreciate your reply

  10. Tyler says:

    Is there a way that you could make a 86b version only? I want to be able to put this on a cd just in case one of the PCs I am working on does not support USB booting. Also the .wim file seems to be very large with the 64b version included which takes a very long time to boot.

  11. Tyler says:

    Thank you very much!

  12. Christian says:

    I am CompTia A+ ce certified.
    I am alsso Apple Cettified.
    I work for a small PC repair shop fixing iPhones, iPads, Apple laptops and Windows laptops.
    I am located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    1: Can you please put a donation link on your website.
    I would like to contribute to your amazing work.

    The work that you have done is brilliant.

    I am doing a lot of Windows operating systems re-installations after our customers hard drives have failed.
    It takes many hours of then updating the service packs, software updates, driver updates, runtime medias installations and so on. Once this is completed I use the OS keys associated with the laptops or customers newly purchased keys to activate their windows.

    I would like to begin customizing my own OS images by including the service packs, software updates, drivers, runtime medias and any other software such as iTunes, Chrome etc.
    I understand that this will take a lot of time to prepare and create, but wit will safe a lot time doing the OS re-installs.

    Can you help me?
    I am new to the IT side of this industry.

    Thank you

  13. gandalf50 says:

    I sent you an email reply. As I stated in it, MDT 2013 would be a good choice for what you are doing.

  14. Lola Kumar says:

    Can you upload the file somewhere else?
    Skydrive is awfully slow

  15. esowiki says:


    thanks for doing a great job.
    Btw is there an uncomplicated way to have your
    Win8.1PE translated to German?

  16. Dré says:

    Thanks, works like a charm…

    Tried to search for it: how to post install a wireless driver? E.g. an Intel wireless 3945agb in my small Dell D430? It may help others to do the same. Tried to install the Dell’s driver, but no success (likely a registry issue?)

    • gandalf50 says:

      Have you tried using pnputil in a command prompt.

      Pnputil -i -a drivername.inf

      Specifies that the device driver is to be installed.
      Specifies that the device driver is to be staged in the driver store.
      Specifies the path and file name of the .inf file associated with the driver package.

      • Dré says:

        Strange it worked the 2nd boot, so did not need to add it. Still… now I know how to do that! Just in case… ;)
        Even my snd is working “out of the box”….

  17. Caccia82 says:

    Hi Gandalf,
    great work!

    Is possible to add BitLocker?


  18. Dré says:

    Portable Apps : “These freshly downloaded apps will only be available during the current session”
    Yes, when you install them into the virtual memory, no when you install them on the usb stick drive. I’ve a 4 GB stick so could even install the complete Libre Office (open source) package! The link does not appear in the normal Portable Apps menu; so you have to start it from its own directory, but I saw that on the usb stick there is also a Portable Apps map (not the X directory), when I started that Portable Apps menu the Office package is there, but yet not working (so I have to check the ini)

  19. Ivan says:

    Hi, I’d like to try this Os out for mining applications like cudaminer or yacminer, as well as sgminer 4.1.0.

    I’d need to install both nvidia and amd gpu drivers as well as cuda and/or the amd app sdk.

    How would I go about this?

    I’ll donate a few bitcents if you have a bitcoin address :D

  20. LM says:

    Thx for the great work. Is it possible to install video card drivers permanently?

  21. Mark says:

    Hi Gandalf50,

    I have looked through a lot of the messages. I can see that many want you to install the PortableApps in the wim file. I think the PortableApps should stay separate as then they can download more apps as time goes on. I was able to get netframe2.0 on my new install for WinPe8.1. I will share my homepage with everyone, but your work is great. Home page is

  22. RaZoR says:

    Hi thanks for this great PE!
    Is there a chance to change PE|s Language and Keyboard Layout to QWERTZ=
    Thanks in advance!

  23. Astro says:

    Hi Gandalf50

    Thanks for the wonderful PE.
    But i would like to add in a intel HD5000 driver for laptop use and dunno how to go about it.
    Please email me steps on adding new drivers.


    • gandalf50 says:

      Have you tried using pnputil in a command prompt.

      Pnputil -i -a drivername.inf

      -i Specifies that the device driver is to be installed.
      -a Specifies that the device driver is to be staged in the driver store.
      drivername.inf Specifies the path and file name of the .inf file associated with the driver package.

  24. Juan Tardón Martínez says:

    First of all, congratulations for your job. It’s really amazing.

    I wanna ask you if you could tell me how can I use explorer.exe as a shell in winpe5.0. I read lot of tutorials in internet but they don’t work.

    Thank you very much.


    P.S.: Sorry for my English, I’m from Spain.

  25. Juan Diaz says:

    I would like the next version to have Belarc

  26. Tim says:

    Kudos on what you have going here. I am working on a similar project creating a “utility knife” WinPE disc. I want to gather many tools, licensed and OpenSource, that we use on a WinPE disc. Would it be possible to get some how to’s or reference notes from you?

  27. Mauricio says:

    Just stumble into that iso. Great job. It works really nice. One issue, I am trying to get my wireless Dlink dwa-162 to get recognize but no go. I tried the pnputil but it says the interface is unknown. Strange I got a french release of winpe 8.1 and it find the network device just fine. I have the driver but this w8pe refuse to take it. Tx
    Suggestion ; The Qdir portable app will be nice if included in the release.

    • gandalf50 says:

      I will check out Qdir.
      For your wifi try right-clicking your PE Network Manager in the tray and choosing show main gui
      Under properties > wifi make sure your wireless zero service is started.

      • Mauricio says:

        Hello gandalf50, no sadly that’s not working, the device is not recognized so it’s not even in the list. Ah well, I am not sure how you construct your release but this particular driver seems missing (ralink 2870). No big deal though, I will use the French version for that computer. Thanks a lot !

    • Mauricio says:

      “Suggestion ; The Qdir portable app will be nice if included in the release.”

      …suggestion 2, CCleaner (system cleaner) does not make much sense in a temporary portable OS. I will ditch it (my humble opinion here).

  28. killerb255 says:

    Is there a way to get Win8.1PE to generate a random computer name when starting up? Since the same computer name is used each time, a name conflict can occur if more than one PC on the same subnet is booted into the Win8.1PE environment.

  29. killerb255 says:

    Is there a way for your Win8.1PE to randomize its computer name upon every boot (similar to a standard Windows PE with the prefix “MININT-xxxxxx”? Booting two PCs at the same time with your Win8.1PE causes naming conflicts on the network.

  30. Juan Diaz says:

    I have donated to you because you’re doing such a great work. I am going to start using it and wish to have more features in the future. Keep us posted. This is a very cool tool. :)

  31. Mauricio says:

    Hello gandalf50
    are you still planning to do an update soon ?

  32. Vincent says:

    I use Windows 8.1 Embedded as my main OS, any future release using the 8.1 Embedded as source?
    I like the speed and how light it is.

  33. Olaf says:


    i am trying to build my own windows 8.1 pe with the help of win8.1 PE SE.

    Almost everything works except Teamviewer. But Teamviewer is crucial because this will help me giving support to my parents.

    It would be great if you could tell me how you included Teamviewer? (I sortet out the missing dll problems. Now i am stuck at “Verification of your Teamviewer version failed! … will quit for security reasons. …”

    Best Regards and keep up the good work!


  34. Juan Diaz says:

    You should put tools such as product key viewer, wifi key viewer, or a tool to have passwords removed from windows log in(xp,vista,7,8) those are useful tools and PC Wizard 2013.

  35. Benjamin Sisko says:

    Why is the sys info not showing the correct processor and memory information?

  36. Brian says:

    Thanks for the great winpe 8.1, love the included apps, but was wondering if you can add crystal disk info portable to the iso.



  37. Sean says:

    may be a dumb ? but will this work on win 7 machines?

  38. Joseph says:

    First off, thanks for this awesome windowspe 8.1.

    I’m new at this so please excuse the noobie questions, i can’t get it to connect to a projector. nothing happens when i press the project on the right handside, please help :)

  39. Damn says:

    Newbie question. Where does the administrator profile come from? I’d like to customize it a bit.
    Thanks in advance!

  40. potatopatch says:

    beautiful work

  41. Bhanu says:

    Thanks a lot, after building my own and was looking how to incorporate explorer shell I found your build, well done, much much appreciated.

    I notice this new PE 5 takes longer to load (3min) on older computers such as Dell Optiplex 780 and older, any suggestions? My other PEs took less about 1min with drivers and GUI.

  42. narg says:

    can i change language pack in this ?? how ?

  43. Scott says:

    Is there a way to mount a DVD burner on my machine? I downloaded this because my system lost it’s boot manager and its a fantastic build. I got my iso for Win 8.1 but I can’t burn it to disk – Control panel shows the drive.

  44. Earl Austria says:


    Your WINPE setup is awesome! I am a first timer to it. Definitely will be donating to your coffee fund. What would you recommend as the best way to get 8.1 from a spinning drive cloned to an ssd drive? Gimagex to create a wim file? Thanks again for all your great work. Saved me a bundle of time!

  45. Frettt says:

    Hi Gandalf, i create my own Win7 and Win8PE SE but for my novice website visitors i placed a link to your pe page so that they can download your images.

    I don’t have enough webspace to do this and i don’t have a cloud drive or such and i don’t like these filehosting services and i do this cause you make a very good job. I downloaded your dual booting Win8.1PE, really well done!
    I’m not an IT professional but I`m an advanced user who is able to build a custum PE with WinBuilder but i could’t figure out how to do a dual booting Win7 or Win8PE. But i was able to find yours ;)

    So, i hope i can make some of my visitors happy by placing a link to your pe page.

    Best regards

  46. Josh says:

    Will the portable version of Virtual box run in this environment?

    • gandalf50 says:

      it installed on the standalone x64 but requires a re-boot after the drivers are installed and since that is in ram all would be lost after a reboot.
      it would need to be installed at image creation time to work

  47. Quagorn says:

    How can you seperate the 32-bit from the 64-bit version? Im using a multiboot tool and all i have tried does not support the dual version included here. Thanks for a great tool!

    • gandalf50 says:

      Have you tried the standalone versions here

      • Quagorn says:


        HAve anyone had any success adding this to an USB with YUMI?
        I’m very dependant on having a multiboot tool as a tech, i need it about everywhere i go and this pre-installed enviorement really works for me and there are not many options out there for a good multiboot tool that can do as much as Yumi. I tried Xboot, but it seems to be discontinued.

        • gandalf50 says:

          Sorry but I am not familiar with that program.

        • Caio says:

          I didn’t try using YUMI but I got it working using LiLi:

          Good luck!

        • ibomi says:

          Thank you very much for this great iso. This is the best PE I have seen by today.

          HOW TO USE YUMI
          . . . When using the “Try an Unlisted ISO option”, the ISO file name must contain no spaces. Check your iso name. For example ; Dual boot iso which I downloaded has got a space before letters ‘v1. 1’ . Remove all spaces before adding to yumi.
          Your problem was probably was this point.

          . . . I advise using ‘Grub’ instead of ‘Syslinux’ for unlisted iso’s build with windows PE.

          . . . Use Fat 32. Ntfs is not guarenteed.

          . . . Don’t change usb volume label. Keep as MULTIBOOT. If you expect your distributions to boot.

          . . . While trying to run an ISO from USB, If you get a Boot error saying:
          Error 60: File for drive emulation must be in one contiguous disk area
          You’ll need to defrag your ISO using the following tool:
          wincontig – GUI tool to defragment ISO files. Portable version is avalaible at the same page.
          In the wincontig program, Just open your fragmented iso that you were warned about; in the multiboot\ISOS folder in your MULTIBOOT usb drive and defrag it.

          . . . İt is only necessary for windows installation isos,but you can safely remove your your flash disk firstly before using yumi, to be sure. And, after plug it in and use.

          . . . You can find more information about yumi, at this page :

  48. Caio says:

    Hello! Congratulations for this wonderful release! Could you please make some tutorial about how to change keyboard layout? I wanna use it on daily basis but my keyboard layout is ABNT2, which includes many other chars like ~^´`ç etc. I think many other users will love it if you do it.

    Thank you very much!

  49. Loweded Wookie says:

    Gandalf, thanks for your tool because I rely on it now because Hirens is a waste of time on later machines.

    Could you put all the .Net tools into your next version if they aren’t already? There’s many tools out there now that need .Net from either 2.0 to 4.5 and they can’t easily be run with your system. If it’s impossible to achieve from an image perspective is there a way to get it to work temporarily even?

    Thanks once again for the New Hirens. :-)

  50. norm says:

    Hi, just wondering if this can be booted from a usb drive using eufi or does it only support legacy boot?

  51. Brantley says:

    FYI: It’s a lowercase ‘d’ for the d7 technician tool. I’m checking it out now, see if I can determine why the x64 version won’t load, as well as testing it with d7II. :)

  52. RJ says:

    Great work! Love it! I am an IT Engineer and this PE versions helps in many ways. Can you add AOMEI BackUpper free version please?

  53. Paul says:

    Very nice implementation. thank you for saving me the trouble of creating my own.

  54. shopper says:

    I’m anxious to use it but I just can’t download it. Onedrive just seems to timeout. No error messages.

  55. Barber says:

    32 bit winpe did not recognize my nic card. Tried to use PE Network Manager to manually load my nic but could not find where. If I use Properties tab on the left and select the Advanced tab, it does not switch any details from IP Settings or WiFi (which ever one was displayed last).

    Please provide steps to manually load nic drivers.


  56. francesco says:

    how can i upgrade portable apps and put back into wim image?

    i tried but image get corrupted

  57. bhk says:

    Good afternoon, I have been searching forever to find some of the things you have accomplished with your dual boot PE.. I have a few things I would like to do to it to tailor it to my needs but it seems if any thing is altered in the boot.wim or boot2.wim the OS will crash on the way in. I assume that is by design? Could you let me know if there is a way I could make some alterations?
    Thank you again,

  58. ronL2015 says:

    For the sake of clarity, to create your USB dual bootable WinPE all I need to do is copy the ISO to my FAT32 USB stick?

  59. ronL2015 says:

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    I used Rufus to create the bootable USB from your dual boot WinPE ISO and encountered an unexpected result on my Win8.1/64 UEFI system (RMPrepUSB gave the same result). After creating the bootable USB my HP-15 laptop booted directly into WinPE/64 but neither my mouse, touchpad nor keyboard worked. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. Do you have an idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

    • gandalf50 says:

      Try setting the partition scheme on your Win8.1/64 UEFI to UEFI only. It normally picks up mouse and keyboard drivers, You may need dedicated drivers for your HP.

      • ronL2015 says:

        If you’re referring to my BIOS settings, the boot protocol is already set to IPV4/UEFI. Legacy is disabled and Secure Boot is enabled. Those are really the only options related to UEFI.

        • gandalf50 says:

          No, I am referring to the partition settings in Rufus. Try “mbr partition scheme for UEFI computer

          • ronL2015 says:

            I redownloaded the dual boot ISO and encountered the same result. However, the standalone Gandalf’s_Win8.1uPE_x64.ISO worked very well and found all my important drivers. The only anomaly was that the system tray battery icon indicated “No battery detected.”

          • gandalf50 says:

            Glad you got it working. No battery detected may be a driver issue.

  60. ronL2015 says:

    I set the Rufus partitioning scheme to MBR/UEFI and to GPT/UEFI but encountered the same results. Perhaps my ISO is corrupted. Do you have an MD5 checksum I could confirm? Thanks again.

  61. cifa says:

    clicked a load of ads for you :)
    great job & thanks

  62. K says:

    OK, I’m seriously stuck and hoping someone can help. The original hard drive finally failed the day before I was set to clone it to a new hard drive, so the image is inaccessible thanks to a corrupted registry and an obnoxious 8.1 error.

    So I got recovery disks from Gateway, to install to the new hard drive. Well I keep getting this UEFI wall. It tells me I can’t run the system recovery without going into Legacy mode, then when we finally figured out how to force Legacy mode, it said these disks can only be installed in UEFI mode.

    So my sister suggests we grab a copy of WinPE from somewhere (not knowing how rare prebuilt copies are now), and see if we can work around the problem. So the new hard drive is in the machine, I’m booted fine with a USB version of your wonderful WinPE build, and I was going to run the system discs to install to the new hard drive. But the CD’s don’t have any standard executable I can run, and Autoplay appears to not be enabled in this build of WinPE, so the autorun.ini file won’t start.

    Is there a way to enable Autoplay on this build? If not, is there another tool or option you can suggest to work around the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    • gandalf50 says:

      Autoplay usually opens an executalbe or msi file. Open the autorun.inf with notepad and have a look a what file and its location that it runs, then go to that location and run it manually.

  63. WhatMatters says:

    Thanks for sharing

  64. abderahman says:

    if this windows support dial up modem connection?

  65. abderahman says:

    how to add dial up modem connection in this windows?

  66. Saruman says:

    Some of my Dell laptops are not showing the USB drive. Can you insert\update the USB driver for SS (USB 3.0) for both?

  67. Jordan says:

    This an amazing boot dvd!!!

    And i’m asking you permission to add some other tools to it like Acronis, Paragon, Easeus…

    Actually, i’m not sure about how to achieve this project, but i’m counting on you to teach me if you mind!!!

  68. the Avatar of Virtues says:

    Your “Win PE”s are all incredible and excellent work!
    It was lucky that I met your work.
    When I was looking for How to Use “Win8.1PE”, I found here.
    Coz, the “download center” says “you need to be connected on the internet to download files” and always fail on the task of making ISO.

    I made regular console base “Win 5.1 PE” as I followed Technet’s basic way.

    I gave up making “Win PE 5.1” with GUI by myself.

    So, I wanna use your lovely PEs.
    But I wanna also “customise” your work for me by myself.

    The “Customize” I mean, is just “Localization” of my natural language “JP-Ja”.
    If you have time, please tell me how to change Language of the Win PE shell for your compleated works “ISO” files.

    For a while, I use your “Win8.1PE” on the “en-US” localization.
    Thx anyway!!

  69. SteveSi says:

    Hi Gandalf
    It would be great if you could add 32-bit UEFI boot support to the dual-boot ISO – at the moment it only boots on 64-bit UEFI systems.
    P.S. I have mentioned your site in my blog

    • gandalf50 says:

      Hi Steve. I just noticed this. ;) Thanks better late than never. I am looking at doing that in newer version. Easy2boot looks like a good solution.

  70. Criterion says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    Great work. I’d been pondering this path for a while now but looks like you’ve beaten me (and probably a lot of people) to it. Great work!

    Just wondering, did you document how you did this at all? May be for those adventurous of us out there might like to add and expand the tool set.


  71. Saruman says:

    Some of my USB 3.0 SS does not work. Can you upgrade the drivers for it. Thanks.

  72. dagonas says:


    Thanks for this AMAZING WinPE

    Is there a possibility of making a ULTIMATE USB with WIN8.1 and WIN10 versions andd Hirens Boot?

  73. I. M. Singh says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    I just downloaded it (1.33 GB) and when copying it to USB stick from Rufus, it says “Error: ISO image extraction failure”.


  74. Kilua says:

    Great Job ! Thanks

  75. Richard says:

    is that OneDrive link still valid? (the WinPE for windows 10 seems to work but the link for the windows 7 version seems to have a problem). – thanks !

  76. Jag says:


    the download link is not working any more, is there some update?

  77. Eduardo says:

    favor resubir el link en mega !!! :)

    Muchas gracias

  78. Carlos says:

    Hello, please can upload the file again, the link no longer works.

  79. Carlos says:

    if you can the download link in mega

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