Adding a wireless driver to any Gandalf’s WinPE after boot-up

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Download the drivers for your wi-fi card and copy them to your usb drive. After you boot into your USB PE follow the video instructions below.

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  1. Spawned says:

    Hello there! Your WinPE builds are great, but I have an idea to make them greater: in the next releases please don’t put the PortableApps and other programs inside the .wim file, put them inside the .ISO structure instead.
    Why? Because big .wim files won’t boot on machines with little memory, halting with error 0xc0000017. Look it up.
    Maybe you’re not experiencing this issue because your machine has a lot of memory, but I had to edit the boot.wim, remove the PortableApps folder and export the .wim to a new smaller size for it to boot on my machine (2GB of ram). Preferably, ALWAYS leave the .wim with a clean image of Windows, and just make shortcuts to programs on the .ISO structure.
    Anyway, thanks for these great builds!

  2. mo says:

    What if I don’t have the drivers? I connected to the internet via cable. can’t I search the internet for drivers? PS: I don’t even know the version of the driver.
    The touchpad is not allowing scrolling and webcam not working too. :/
    I’m disappointed. other live OS allow drivers to be installed as I login.

    • gandalf50 says:

      You could inject your drivers into the offline wim file and then save the changes. Or if that is too much work a simpler method is when logged in to the live os just open device manager and for each problem device update the driver by pointing to your C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository directory. It will pick up the drivers from the os system installed on your hard drive. You need to much the bit flavor so it existing installed os is x86 then use x86 live and if its x64 then use a x64 live.

  3. David says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    I’ve been having great fun with your PEs, especially the latest WinPE 8.1 x64 updateable. My only real problem: how can I change the region and keyboard? I’d like to switch from the default US settings to UK (British) – is that possible?

    Also, is there a way to make it remember wifi passwords etc?


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