Windows 8.1 X64 U1 PE with Updateable USB Portable Apps

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This is the latest NEW Windows 8.1 x64 U1 PE . This  portable apps  on this version can be updated when needed or you can also add any new apps you need to the USB stick. New applications include Macrium Reflect, DiskCryptor,  Adobe Reader, Total Commander, FastStone Image Viewer & Java

Utilities included on the PE
Google Chrome Popular web browser Internet Explorer Microsoft’s web browser
7Zip Archiver and archive manager MBR Fix Fix master  boot record errors
Clamwin Antivirus Free Antivirus program Filezilla FTP FTP client
Regshot Registry compare utility that allows you to take a snapshot of your registry Easy BCD Take control of your boot loader
Process Hacker Open source process viewer Defraggler Disk Defragmenter
Process Monitor Monitoring tool that shows real-time file system, Registry, and process or thread activity Process Explorer Information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded
Tree Size TreeSize tells you where precious space has gone to Irfan View Fast and compact image viewer/converter.
Winrar Powerful archiver and archive manager Virtual Keyboard On Screen keyboard
Notepad ++ Full-featured text editor OpenOffice  Multi-platform office productivity suite
MS Paint and Worpad Microsoft’s basic image and test editors MalwareBytes Detects and removes dangerous malware
Team Viewer Remote control, desktop sharing & file transfer Macrium Reflect Backup and disk imaging solution
FastStone Image Viewer Fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter & editor CCleaner System optimization, privacy and cleaning tool
Adobe Reader Firefox Portable Mozilla Firefox
Ammyy Admin Desktop sharing &remote connections Aomei Partition Assistant Disk Partition Creator And Editor
HWiNFO Hardware information and diagnostic tool Media player classic Classic Windows media player
SnagitS creen capture utility WinToolkit Customize your Windows installation
Wise Disk Cleaner Disk Cleaner and Defragmenter Wise Data Recover Recovery tool to recover deleted files
Active Disk Imager Disk image software that makes an exact copy of any PC disks Active Partition Manager Manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions
Active Undelete Data recovery software that allows you to recover lost, deleted, and formatted data Powershell 2 Windows Powershell 2
Total Commander File manager for Windows AVZ Antiviral Toolkit Advanced tools capable of removing SpyWare and AdWare modules.
Remote desktop client Microsoft’s RDP client Rufus Create bootable USB drives the easy way
Disk Wipe Erase all disk data and prevent recovery of data. Diskcryptor Encryption solution that offers encryption of all disk partitions, including the system partition
UltraISO Directly edit ISO/BIN files Picasa Photo editor and organizer
Recuva File Un-delete Smart Partition Recovery Lose a drive? Smart Partition Recovery will restore it!
MyLan Viewer Netbios & LAN/Network IP address scanner VLC Media Player


All the Apps listed in the Windows Start Menu under All Programs


System Info showing x86 version

apps menu

Apps View


If you prefer to use the Portable Apps menu instead then run the Portable Apps Menu shortcut on the taskbar.  The portable apps menu also allows you to download more apps by selecting the Apps>Get more apps. These freshly downloaded apps will be saved to the USB drive.      

OneDrive-icon (1)                                                                                   mega-icon (1)

Download Button5                                                              Download Button5

It’s a large download (1.8gb), so be patient it can take 20-40 minutes (depending on your internet speed) to download.  After downloading burn the bootable ISO file to  USB using rufus or similar program to create your bootable USB. A BIG THANKS to everyone over at

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  1. rasolis610 says:

    Very impressed, but for some reason wont able work on Lenovo Thinkpad 11e(64bit), it just froze, any idea why, bc any other system work fine. Thank you..

    • Igor says:

      Maybe connected with UEFI/BIOS boot mode? You may also check my other comment below.

    • Igor says:

      On some UEFI-based systems, I couldn’t boot from the original ISO (including on VirtualBox VM). I repacked the ISO, which solved the problem. I used two methods, the first one is simpler:
      – mount ISO as a volume by double clicking it in File Explorer (you can also unpack contents to a directory, e.g. by 7-Zip)
      – create a new ISO by ImgBurn or mkisofs from the contents of mounted ISO.
      The second method is through creating a bootable USB by Rufus, then creating a new ISO by ImgBurn or mkisofs. This method enables adding custom stuff to the ISO image.
      Sometimes I’ve got boot errors, dependent on configurations how ISO was created. Common reason was boot error 0xc000000e related to configuration file \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD.
      Experience with this are packed in the following guide about creation of bootable media:

  2. PAPER says:

    File “Gandalfs Win8.1U1SE_x64 updateable final.ISO” is undonloadable. I can’t download whole folder from folder actions menu too. Every time click redirect me to login page.
    Please make primary file accessible ;-)

    • gandalf50 says:

      I have set to the permissions to not require a onedrive account. If it keeps asking you then simplest solution is to create one. It’s not a big deal

      • PAPER says:

        New permissions still block downloading “Gandalfs Win8.1U1SE_x64 updateable final.ISO”. The x86 version “Gandalfs Win8.1U1SE_x86 updateable final.ISO” can be downloaded without problem.
        Create onedrive account is not big deal but it is unnecessary. There still living people who don’t want to create unnecessary accounts ;-)

        • gandalf50 says:

          Not sure whats up with the onedrive permissions but I have added a mega download link.

          • PAPER says:

            Thank You alternative solution, but there is another problem.
            Downloading of “Gandalfs Win8.1U1SE_x64 updateable final.ISO” from OneDrive is still blocked. File “Gandalfs Win8.1U1SE_x64 updateable final.ISO” downloaded from “Mega” has different checksums than expected.

            MD5 Checksum: B53F7EA13306CE9D6F1BEF9B7D58FDC4
            SHA-1 Checksum: B3C08DBC20CDDFF6ED8E743ACFF68E1BE429E0B2
            SHA-256 Checksum: 93E87596DEAF3A3BF426E08653CA33727D8532E53E26473D7A24713FF41498B4
            SHA-512 Checksum: 30201BAC9237D463B16F644E7E9A2F46B7D25173AD25DAD047ED0AB4EB04FF457EE81C8DF99EDD978E5669E076B1E47775EEAFDB39E6EC4CA59FFD34C1ADEAE7
            Generated by MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility @

            current checksums of “Gandalfs Win8.1U1SE_x64 updateable final.ISO” downloaded from “Mega” :
            MD5 Checksum: 2D9B276E60ED512740FCEEBB656943D4
            SHA-1 Checksum: 6D2EA556EEA9F5F2A018DDC8717172303B456213
            SHA-256 Checksum: FCC031BE2A2BA13B8DEE27222EDBAF0930D25E90344633DEE2332EA22DFC5CE4
            SHA-512 Checksum: 6A24C7533D6ACE3FFBED8FDC94DAEBA874D5343446ED9F6BFDAF5A6682A11E04F4D546446DA23B3C2BB57F203D0DC12843F7FF5B5E7EEAE35285A5F94C97D33D
            Generated by MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility @

            I try three different method of downloading (.zip of all files, .zip of .iso file only, direct .iso download), result is always the same.
            Maybe redirecting to OneDrive login page means problems when file was uploaded and now it contain errors? The x86 version and previous versions was downloaded without problems from OneDrive without logining.
            I think that Gandalfs Win8.1 is good piece of work and I would like to use its current compilation. So please fix the problems ;-)

          • gandalf50 says:

            I am re-uploading to the onedrive. It is the same version as on mega. Should be complete in about an hour or two.

  3. WhatMatters says:

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Saruman says:

    Some of my Dell laptops are not showing the USB drive. Can you insert\update the USB driver for SS (USB 3.0) for both?

  5. Doctor_of_Music says:

    Great & genuinely useful piece of software…

    Is there any way to install it to, for example, the hidden Windows boot partition (suitably expanded in size) on a hard drive? And then select it as an option in the Windows Boot Menu, and carry out maintenance ‘outside of Windows’ without needing to use any external media? For years I’ve dual-booted between DOS & Windows for making disc images etc. but the arrival of UEFI BIOS & GPT drives has finally put paid to that. Many thanks….

    • Doctor_of_Music says:

      Sorry I now have a problem with my new machine — I can boot into WinPE but it doesn’t see the computer’s internal drives / partitions – only the RAMDrive & the USB drive. I prepared the boot USB drive using Rufus, and selected UEFI BIOS & GPT for the target system (which is how it’s configured). Am I doing something wrong? Am I using the wrong build of the software? Advice much appreciated….

  6. Bob Pierce says:

    Thanks for the great utility disk. I am having one issue, I am unable to burn the ISO to a USB drive. I have downloaded it 3 times, used 2 machines and have used Rufus as well as ISO to USB. Has anyone else come across this error about 15 to 20% in? Thanks again.

  7. Abhi says:

    Hi , I have a doubt please clear it
    I have windows 7 as main OS.
    What I wanted to do is that I want to install this windows PE on another hard disc partition, so that when my main OS do not boot I can use this to boot and solve problem of my main OS.I want to do this because it take less space, Can we do this ? If yes Please guide me how to do this
    Thank you for this amazing PE

  8. riktuls says:

    You have included Aomei software in the new version of x64 but it’s just for PARTION. Would it be possible to include Aomei BACKUP in the next version of x64. Macrium Reflect and Active Disk Image have only DISK PARTION backup; both lack FILE DATA Image Backup. My great appreciation for your work and many thanks.

  9. j_cookie13 says:

    Hey I was wondering how I would go about customizing this image. Every time I boot from it and make a change, it reverts back after a reboot. Any thoughts?

  10. Denis says:

    Will it work to unlock a bitlocked partition? I mean does it has the bitlocker application in the control panel?

    • gandalf50 says:

      It should though i have never tried it. The bitlocker components are installed but you will have to run a search for bitlocker in the x:\windows folder . There are a bunch of apps there related to bitlocker and i noticed a bitlocker to go app as well.

  11. Eric Murray says:

    I burnt one dvd from x64 iso and worked, but now I find that other DVD I create from the same iamge won’t work. They burn without error, but when I boot from them: I have hit boot from cd a second time and get an error when I run app I need (Active Image) that I need to run the 64 bit version from the menu provided. I am using CD Burner XP to burn the ISO. Just weird.

    • gandalf50 says:

      indeed. This version is really intended to be put on a usb flash drive. Then you can easily update the apps on the usb flash drive.

  12. SynergyX says:


    How did you manage to get search working on windows explorer?
    I’m using win8.1se builder and for the life of me I can’t get it to work!


  13. Beta Tester says:

    Many thanks for the build. I found one issue with it. I made a bootable USB from the ISO and after booting to WINPE, all the system files are on Drive X: and portable applications are on Drive Y: (labelled PortableApps) as expected. However, The drive letter Y: will change to one of the other available letters, which happened automatically or was triggered by applications like Rufus. This results in the hard coded shortcuts (Y:\Programs\xxxx.exe) invalid.

    • gandalf50 says:

      It’s odd your seeing that. It may be an issue with the system your attaching to. To fix go to the start menu under system tools and run the “remount CDdrive” script

  14. Julian says:

    PE U1 X64 is still not downloadable in neither of the 2 links.

    If I logon on one drive, it is not present :-(

  15. Alson Yeap says:

    Win 8.1 PE can run as UEFI ?

    • gandalf50 says:

      Yes. though I personally have not tried. Users have commented they can. Especially on the 64bit. But your mileage may vary.

    • Igor says:

      I manged to install this ISO to UEFI-bootable USB stick and it boots on both Oracle VirtualBox (using the “Virtual Machine USB Boot” software – since it may be problematic to boot from physical USB drive in VirtualBox) and on my laptop (Acer Aspir V3). Preparation is easy by Rufus (I used version 2.7.855), you extract Gandolf’s ISO to a directory (just double click on Win 8 or higher, or use Daemon Tools Lite or something similar to either extract ISO files or mount them as virtual drive), then in Rufus: point to extracted directory (drive mounted from ISO) under “Device”, select UEFI under “Partition scheme and target system type”, select FAT32 (many UEFI-based systems will not be able to boot from NTFS-formatted disk) under “File system” and check “Create a bootable disk using …” – in the drop-down menu you can select ISO image.
      I used this procedure to create a DEMO USB for my software (Neurapp and NeuralParametric based on IGLib) and it’s great because:
      – everyhting is self-contained on a small USB stick
      – the USB stick is bootable so I can make demonstration where all computers are on Linux or some other OS – I just boot from my USB stick on their machine and I have everything including basic Win OS and complete .NET framework
      – In highly restricted security sensitive environments, I just ask them to boot my package in isolated virtual machine without internet connection
      Related links:
      Daemon Tools Lite:

  16. Mattias says:

    I happened to notice that \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe inside boot.wim is not correctly signed with the Microsoft cert, and is different from the one in my non-PE installation. Has that file been tampered with? For what reason?

    • gandalf50 says:

      not that I’m aware of. Inject what you feel is the correct one and let me know what happens.

      • Mattias says:

        I noticed this when trying to dual boot between WinPE and regular 8.1 x64. The standard Windows boot manager refused to use the bootloader of the .wim, with reference to it not being signed properly.
        I applied the .wim to a partition and replaced winload.exe and then it worked fine.

        I have not yet tried the regular winload.exe with the boot manager of your ISO. I’ll let you know if I do.

  17. Duke McAllister says:

    Hi, Gandalf. Looking fwd to using your PE project soon, but would like to know: can your WinPE automagically mount the registry of the “other” system ? Once upon a time, I maintained a PE project called HawkPE and mounting the”other” PC’s registry was part of the process for better malware cleaning. Just asking, not looking for a update or fix. Be well….

  18. corneliu apostol says:

    tried to download, mega, said “error”, too big and one drive said “something went wrong”
    may be today?

    • gandalf50 says:

      does your drive have enough space?

      • corneliu apostol says:

        100 giga,or more
        one drive still refuse me, but with mega is, now, ok
        thamks, i’ll try it
        i tried almost all the others os, with virtual box or directly from cd (or usb) with a very good response/ impression
        thanks again

  19. Christian B. says:

    Dear “Gandalf”, Thank you very much for your PE edition of Win8.1. It just worked. Eventually I managed to update the Bios of my Lenovo B50-30 running on Xubuntu 14.04.

    Best regards to Huntington Beach from Berlin


  20. Al Kalian says:

    I discovered your site from a discussion over at and thought I’d give your handiwork a try. I’d like to report that it worked flawlessly and it’s great to be able to boot from a USB into a Windows environment instead of having to boot into Linux Mint to access a problematic hard disk.

    Very good job, well done.

    I downloaded the “Gandalfs Win8.1U1SE_x64 updateable final.ISO” and burned it to a DVD. A bit slow to load but it worked fine. Then I made a bootable USB 2.0 stick, and while it loaded faster it was still a bit pokey but after it loaded, everything worked fine.

    I’ve used Easy 2 Boot for quite a while and really like the flexability it gives me to be able to boot any number of ISO’s. So I though I’d see if your PE image would boot using E2B. Sadly there were some problems.

    Doing a bit of research I followed the instructions to rename the ISO with an ISOPE01 extension and then created a WIN8.1SE.ini and put it in the root directory of the USB stick.

    The contents are:
    Info1 = To boot Directly from your WinBuilder WinPESE ISO under Easy2Boot
    Info2 = change the name and path of your ISO file in the last line below ( e.g. _ISOMAINMENUWin7PE_x64.ISO).
    Info3 = Copy this file to the root of your E2B media only.
    Info4 = At startup of WinPESE, the ISO will be automatically mounted on drive Y: and the Desktop icons should all appear.


    I also put CdUsb.Y in the root dir as well.

    When I started it up, it loaded fine, and the desktop appeared, but it didn’t include the Portable Apps Menu as the DVD and dedicated USB did. When I selected “All Apps” the all showed up, but many of the icons were greyed out, so to speak, and when clicked, gave an error message.

    I don’t see any way to attach images, so here’s a link to my Google Drive with screen captures of what happens when you boot from Easy2Boot.

    I checked the original ISO and all of the portable apps are there, they just don’t load when run under E2B. It would be nice to be able to include your WinPE image on my E2B setup but it’s not the end of the world if it can’t be done, or is a hassle on your end.

    Here’s the link to the pics:

    Al Kalian

  21. Daniel says:

    Hi. I noticed on 8.1 you don’t have any password recovery app. Is there one that can be used with the 8.1 stick? Thanks

  22. Daniel says:

    Gandalf. Thanks for the reply. I will try ntpwedit. Different question. I wondered if it would be possible to put the entire Hirens Boot CD on a stick as a directory or subdirectory? Probably not but it was worth asking. Is it possible to load the apps from Hirens to the 8.1 stick? If I am treading on anyone’s toes, please forgive. Hirens disk won’t start on my 8.1 because of the UEFI and I have tried everything to change the boot order so that a CD or Flashdrive will be seen. Nothing has worked so far. Yes, I turned off Secure Disk but didn’t turn on Legacy Support because it will trash the windows install. I will try your disk shortly to see if the UEFI will see it and allow the computer to boot off the flashdrive. Thanks you.

  23. Daniel says:

    I tested your disk in my Pavillion 15 with Secure Disk off and UEFI on and the UEFI wouldn’t allow it to boot. I had the boot order FLASH CD/DVD HARD DRIVE which should have let it work. I did the double try password trick to use the restart system and that didn’t work. I also tried F9 on start up but your 8.1 disk wasn’t on the list of bootable objects. Macrium has a rescue disk that gets put in the boot order but there aren’t very many tools on their stick and no way of adding apps. Their gig is backup and restore so that is what their stick does. No password hacker. I put all of this in the post so others who are having the same problem will know what I tried. Thanks.


    Beter to use for the software 8.1 enterprise, es is only portable windows.

  25. Levi says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    Thank you for this PE.

    But I can’t connect to internet. nothing there in “Change Adapter Settings”. Is this a driver issue? If so, how can I include my network interface drivers? thanks.

  26. fawzi says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    Thank you for this PE.

    but are that there is a way to burn it to a DVD? because I want the booting from a dvd instead of usb! thank you

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