Windows 10 x64 PE with all x64 apps

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This is is the my first release of a Windows 10 x64 PE. This 64bit version Does NOT provide support for running 32bit programs (WoW64).  All the apps below are 64bit. For this reason the portable apps menu launcher could not be installed.

7Zip Archiver and archive manager Defraggler Disk Defragmenter
Winrar Powerful archiver and archive manager MBR Fix Fix master  boot record errors
MS Paint and Worpad Microsoft’s basic image and text editors Macrium Reflect Backup and disk imaging solution
CCleaner System optimization, privacy and cleaning tool Media player classic Classic Windows media player
HWiNFO Hardware information and diagnostic tool Snipping Tool Screen capture application.
Active Disk Imager Disk image software that makes an exact copy of any PC disks Active Partition Manager Manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions
Active Partition Recovery Restore deleted volumes and fix damaged disks. Active Kill Disk Erase disks and volumes securely or wipe unused disk space.
Active Undelete Data recovery software that allows you to recover lost, deleted, and formatted data. Opera Web Browser  Fast, simple and safe way to get around on the web.
Pale Moon Browser Alternate web browser. Ntpwedit Change or remove passwords for local system accounts
start menu64

All the Apps listed in the Windows Start Menu under All Programs


win10pe desktop64


OneDrive-icon (1)                                                                                   mega-icon (1)

Download Button5                                                              Download

It’s a large download 800mb  so be patient it can take 10-20 minutes (depending on your internet speed) to download.  After downloading burn the bootable ISO file to  USB using rufus or similar program to create your bootable USB. A BIG THANKS to everyone over at

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  1. Dima says:

    Any chances for dual boot of 32 and 64? Thanks!

  2. Computer Man Brad says:


    Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  3. momo says:

    Thanks for your work Gandalf.
    Any chance for RDP client on x64? With Connect from anywhere RD Gateway option?

  4. Saruman says:

    Is there any chance to make a 64bit with portable apps? or maybe a dual boot?

    • gandalf50 says:

      not presently. the portable apps menu and all the apps are only 32bit

      • Saruman says:

        Sir, you are the man. This is wonderful, is fast, and very light. Also, I haven’t had any drivers issues, which is awesome. Thanks a lot. I know a lot of people appreciate your time and work.

  5. Saruman says:

    I am currently having an issue when I try to change the screen resolution. If I go to a higher resolution than the one it defaults, then it leaves the taskbar like halfway of the monitor, and then the rest is like blue. Is this issue related to the native resolution of the default driver, or it was made this way?

    • gandalf50 says:

      If your video driver was injected into the build it would likely default to the max resolution your video card uses.

      • Saruman says:

        I will try to inject the specific drivers for that model to see if it gets fixed. Thank you though

      • Saruman says:

        I tried to inject the drivers it gives me an error: “Error: 0xc0000135 An error occurred while attempting to start the servicing process for the image”. I took full control of both folders, the one with the drivers and the one with the image. Can you help me to solve this issue? Thanks.

  6. Crand says:

    I feel I must say that I consider myself to be an above average ITman. I’ve built my own PE environment before, I’ve even written plugins for BartPE that nobody else ever attempted, and I have to say that your work makes me feel small. I tip my hat to you sir.

    • gandalf50 says:

      Thank You kindly.

    • Ricky says:

      I gotta agree with Crand. Fantastic job on the PE build! I’m still running a batch based menu with no GUI on my WinPE10. I’ve created scripts for automating as much as possible on my build. So functionality wise, it works pretty well… But this GUI build is pretty freaking awesome!

      I noticed a guy asking about Remote Desktop up there. I added a VNC option on my menu which disables the firewall and runs VNC server and displays an ipconfig menu so you know the IP. This can be done with RealVNC and a little registry hive load/unload to import the password. It’s pretty nice to be able to see the progress for images that take a long time to apply/capture.

      But anyway! Hats off to you sir. Very clean! I think I’m gonna download yours and use what I can in my build. =D

  7. Eswaralal says:

    Why windows 10 Gandalf is not compatabile with NTFS formatted usb?

  8. unrealdark says:

    Is this UEFI?
    Thnak you! Great work!

  9. mykou says:

    Hi Gandalf thanks for all the hard work !

    I just discovered your web site and tried your win 8.1 iso PE which is fantastic .

    Could you think of a win 10 PE with same tools ? ( particularly open office suite and teamviewer )

    Anyways , keep the hard work !


  10. Venti Man says:

    Before i fire my question: Thank you very, very much for making these PE versions available! I used the Win 8 variants with great pleasure.

    The latest release of the W10PEx64 will not boot… I use Rufus without changing settings.

  11. kaplan says:

    Just like Venti Man says, WP10PEx64 will not boot. I use Rufus for make my USB key and doesn’t work.

    I will ask you, can you add Gsmarcontrol ?

    Thanks for your great job!!!

    *** Sorry for my bad english, i’m a french man.

  12. dt0x says:

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done. I’m just wondering if when you release the next update, is there a possibility for MBAM to be on this? If so this would surely replace my current version which is 8.1 64 x 86.

    Also I would like to ask if in any spare time you could look at multisystems boot loader, which is what I use under Linux, and see if you have any trouble loading your disks. At the current moment I am able to load the environment but not everything. And that may just be the fact that I’m running the 64 bit version and what I’m trying to run isn’t supported.

    Thank you.

  13. Andrew says:

    Hi Gandalf thanks for another great release. Only problem with this Win10 PE is that networking is not functional.

    Attempting to reach \\\F brings up:

    [Window Title]
    Open Folder

    \\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

    No error information is available


    This same share works fine in your Win7 and Win8.1 PE’s

  14. Hidden says:

    Hello Gandalf,

    Thank for the great work.
    I have issue while using multiboot usb

    I am able to load but
    Issue I have is CDUSB.Y or ISO not Found.
    This probably cause the iso/file are in different folders
    Is there a easy way to solve this issue

  15. gandalf50 says:

    Updated Windows 10 x64 PE that runs 32bit apps and includes dot net and a bunch of other goodies is in the works and coming soon…..

  16. Crazy Hawk says:

    Thanks for this you truly are a wizard. Seems to work well enough with windows 7 as well!

  17. voogd says:

    Great work.

    Is it possible to unlock encrypted bitlocker drives? (I can’t find manage-bde.exe).

    Keep up the good work.

  18. Spawned says:

    Fantastic work, keep up with these lifesaver builds!

  19. martin says:

    Hi gandalf50, your ISOs are great! Can you please advise on how to modify (add or remove) shortcuts from the desktop? I Checked whole ISO and wim file as well and can’t figure out this one. Thank you.

    • gandalf50 says:

      They are being loaded by the flie win10pe.cfg . I wouldn’t bother I am releasing an update in a few days With a clean desktop. Just THis PC and recyle bin.

  20. t12013 says:

    Hey gandalf! thanks for your work, helps a lot,
    i lost my boot HD for installing images and i can now do it without problems thanks to you.
    can i ask for some cuztomization ? how to make changes stay ? for example volume on startup sound, small stuff like that.
    Thanks again for the hard work!

  21. Eric says:

    Hello Gandalf,
    Thanks for sharing a ready-made ISO.
    Some of the software is outdated. For example, Macrium Reflect is version 5.2.6444, while the latest version is 6.1.909.

    ChrisR has released a newer version of Win10PE_SE dated 2015-10-14.
    Work is now being done to improve some aspects. Expect a newer build soon.


  22. Gabriel says:

    Please make a tutorial teaching how to create a customized Windows 10 PE

  23. Eric says:


    just download Win10PE_SE from ChrisR (latest build is a 207MB zip file).
    It contains Win10PESE82_Builder.exe.
    Extract the zip, run the builder, mount an original MS ISO of Win10, customize to your liking and press the Play button.

  24. Eric says:

    ChrisR has just released a new build dated 2015-11-26.

  25. ichabod says:

    does this version fix wifi?
    PE net manager dead? for same?
    nice build, real nice.

  26. tincho83 says:

    Hi Gandalf , very good work , download both 32 and 64 bits, and both happen to me I can not run many applications such as CCleaner, Aida , etc , as you can solicioner this problem? thanks

  27. usercho81 says:

    I have a problem with both x64 and x86 versions. Everything works but (Client for microsoft networks/ SMB Client). In both versions sharing client doesn’t work. No computer can be found over the network. Network is alive and kicking because pings work but sharing client doesn’t.

  28. usercho81 says:

    In other direction sharing is not possible also even if enabled on PE Network. Are there any differences in SMB services on Windows 10 or something is missing from this compilation ?

  29. usercho81 says:

    And finally. I access myself using PE by name. By IPv4 address error is the same. Not found!
    I guess SMB client on this PE works only over IPv6 or something like that.

  30. Lukas says:

    Network is not working!

  31. shmuel says:

    Bro thank you so much. Love your tool set. Noticed you only put the active suit on the x64 version. Do they not publish a x86 version anymore?
    Amazing program. Best $100 ive ever spent…..

  32. Matt says:

    Hi gandalf.
    What a great release (Win10).
    I have a question. Is it possible to incorporate all the software into the boot.wim file. I’m trying to boot it in Windows Deployment Service. I have extracted the boot.wim from the ISO file. Problem is that all software shortcuts are pointing to drive “Y”.

    Thx in advance

    • gandalf50 says:

      Some of my earlier builds had most of the apps in the boot.wim. You can try one of those. I stopped doing this because it requires more ram and makes it difficult to update the apps. I may create a build specific to WDS just not sure there is enough demand to warrant my time. If anyone want to have this just reply YES to this message.

  33. IT says:

    Macrium Reflect need to be updated to v6 since the exist ver cause troubles and gives error.
    Acronis is too old.
    can you please update the power option in the next edition and make it longer for display and hard disk time since the screen time cause recover programs to crash and get error/ disconnecting from the PE

    Thanks mate for the great work. such a awesome Edition

  34. Avi says:


    I have a question….I downloaded the ISO file and used the microsoft Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool to burn it into a USB flash drive….It all worked fine but when I’m booting from this USB drive I get a massage saying….Windows need to repair your computer. any idea ?
    I did the same process withe the 8.1 ISO file and it’s working fine.


    • gandalf50 says:

      You may have some bad blocks on your usb stick. Try using Rufus instead and be sure to check the box that says “check device for bad blocks”.

      • Avi says:


        I did, No bad blocls and tried on 3 different drives.

        maybe the burning tool is not good for this action ?
        (but i did the same with 8.1 version)


  35. Fernando says:

    I use this bootable USB Magic solution from Gandalf daily, fix most of my problems and solutions, waiting in great anticipation for a follow up on the great 32/64 bit dual boot, with related great tools set included!
    Great work and a great site. Thanks a million, Gandalf!

  36. Damian says:

    Very good job,I am happy to have a second access option if
    for some reason the system will not boot anymore.

    Two bigger issues though (Win 10 Home):

    1 The search function is not working at all.
    Straight from typing the first letter
    “…item does not match your search”.
    No matter where.

    Wanted to get rid of System Volume Information (SVI)
    because MS is still resilient to refrain from it
    esp on external hard-drives despite all off settings
    and cmd admin ownership takings etc etc.

    In the past either unlocker or MS-OS BartPE did that job,
    yours does not. It’s not even giving me a feedback,
    same applies to the receycler folders.

    And that was actually my main aim looking for a 64Bit PE.
    Any suggestion in that matter will be utmost welcome.

    Two suggestions you may consider:

    It’d be nice to have a progress message on screen whilst boot because
    the stiff little blue window is really boring.

    There is a 64bit launcher version which works nice on your system

  37. Pedro says:

    i am dumb like a dead horse with computers and wanted to make room for more data and deleted my Linux’s partition. Then, obviously, grub changed my boot and i got stuck unnable to acess windows. Any tool here will fix this to me?

    • gandalf50 says:

      You could try Smart Partition Recovery or Active Partition Recovery. They are not on every build so make sure the build downloaded has one of those.

  38. Mark says:

    Pro stuff made by a skilled pro. Thx a lot !

  39. Adil says:

    Thanks a lot.
    Good work :)

  40. weaktech says:

    cant even download with that mega crap…


  41. John says:

    Hi Gandalf, it’s awesome that you put together recovery tools like this for us to use like this..

    A question though, is there a reason you chose not to add GHOST into the mix of applications??

    And I’ve come across an issue with a laptop where I used the bootable PE disk but the file explorer did not see the portable USB drive that I wanted to send the image to. (It’s a DELL Laptop with a UEFI type BIOS and a SSD hard disk)..

    Your thoughts or ideas would be appreciated…

  42. Kaarlo says:

    Hello and thank you for this! For some reason, the mouse doesn’t work when booted up. Any ideas?

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