Gandalf’s Windows 10PE x86 Threshold 2 build 10586 Fall update version 12-31-2015

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This is is the my third release of a Windows 10 x86 PE and is the Threshold 2 build 10586 Fall update version. As with the previous version this provides support for running 32bit programs (WoW64).  The apps listed below are included in this build. I have removed the portable apps menu and all the apps are now in the start menu. They still reside on your USB so they can be updated if needed. New with this version is the ability to switch from a system account to an admin account. This allows for running apps like Teamviewer which refuse to run on the system account. It starts up into the admin account by default. New apps in this release include Windows Defender, Teamviewer, AOMEI Partition Assistant and more. Full list below. Checksums at the end of this post.

7Zip Archiver and archive manager Defraggler Disk Defragmenter
Winrar Powerful archiver and archive manager Acronis True Image Backup and disk imaging solution
MS Paint and Worpad Microsoft’s basic image and text editors Macrium Reflect Backup and disk imaging solution
CCleaner System optimization, privacy and cleaning tool Media player classic Classic Windows media player
HWiNFO Hardware information and diagnostic tool Snipping Tool Screen capture application.
Windows Defender Microsoft’s excellent antivirus app Teamviewer Remote control solution
Double Drive  Driver backup application Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Excellent malware removal solution
Winmerge File comparison tool Opera Web Browser  Fast, simple and safe way to get around on the web.
Pale Moon Browser Alternate web browser. Ntpwedit Change or remove passwords for local system accounts
AOMEI Partition Assistant Partitioning solution. Partition Wizard Partitioning solution.
Virtual Keyboard Virtual Magnifying Glass
DiskCryptor Disk encryption application similar to Bitlocker Bitlocker Microsoft’s disk encryption application
Powershell Powerful automation tool is both a shell and a scripting language Ultraiso Directly edit ISO files, make images from CD/DVD-ROM
Ulocker Unlocker helps delete locked files with error messages Gimagex A graphical user interface for the ImageX tool
SuperAntiSpyWare  Free Malware Remover Majical Jelly Bean KeyFinder A freeware utility that retrieves your Product Keys
HiJackThis Spot home page hijackers and startup programs Dr. Web Curit Antivirus and anti-spyware scanning tool
Skype Provides video chat and voice calls. VNC Viewer Remote Control Software
Sysinternal Suite Troubleshooting Utilities VLC Media Player Open-source cross-platform multimedia player
IrfanView Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer  User-friendly image browser, converter and editor.
Mozilla FireFox Another great browser Easy BCD Boot management tool and bcd editor.
USB Drive Info Provides USB information. Drive Snapshot Disk imaging solution
MyLan Viewer Network/IP Scanner Rufus Utility to format and create bootable USB flash drives
Wise Data Recovery Recovery program to get back deleted photos, documents, etc. WinToolkit Customize Your Windows Installation
Gimagex  Gaphical user interface for the ImageX tool Treesize Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

Application Notes

The firewall is disabled by default so file sharing will work. For Windows Defender to work you need to enable the firewall before running defender. System Tools>Firewall Enable

firewall enable

Also this is the 32bit version of defender and is only for 32bit host OS’s or else you will get the error below. If you wan to scan a 64bit OS boot into the X64 version.




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  1. corneliu apostol says:

    thanks,3-4 minutes with onedrive (roumanian speed )

  2. mrapi says:

    Hi!I tried to use it with easy2boot,I put iso _ISO/MAINMENU
    then boot window 10 live,but I have only shortcuts and no application
    how to fix that

  3. Gregory says:

    What you are doing with this WINPE image is amazing! Do you have a tutorial of how you are doing this. I looked on the site and could not find it. I would understand if you want to keep it secret but man that is a tutorial that I would love to see. I always want to learn more

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. liandy says:

    Hey gandalf50, I need you help me, please my internet connection its very slow, please can you upload this in because MEGA and OneDrive are very slow in this region, but openload its a faster download service in my country , please upload this in two parts in rar format….please I need it, ¿ you help me?, can help me seriously …….thanks and i suggest you use this file server for the users with slow connection, i use the Internet download Manager, in this server works perfectly…..thanks

  5. liandy says:

    someone can upload it in a diferent file server please…..HELPME! ok?
    ok…. can you upload it in three parts of 700 MB

  6. Yisus says:

    Your work is awesome. You can post a quickguide how to do?
    That would be great


  7. Paladium says:

    I ran into a problem yesterday with the x64 version. On a new Dell Ultrabook, Latitude E7450, half the apps were missing from the image and the wireless device not recognized. I took a look at the Device Manager and there were a bunch of hardware components that were not recognized. Very strange, first time seeing this happen. I ran it on a desktop i7 custom build and it worked flawlessly. Anyway, I am going to grab the x86 version and see what happens on this Dell.

  8. JFOBLK says:


  9. apoklyps3 says:

    is it possible to access “Users” folder from an installed windows system?
    I have tried a previous version and it’s didn’t work. it was saying it’s unaccesible.
    I need this feature because if I’m dealing with a corupted windows system I want to back app data contaied there.

  10. Y Emre says:

    really i loved it too much, thanks to your brain and hands. i wanna ask you that if ı want to add some personnal software how can ı do this? Thanks and best regards.

    • gandalf50 says:

      If the software does not require an installation or is portable then just add it to the “Programs” folder on your USB stick.

      • NikolaS says:

        How can I add shorcuts to desktop for example (or start menu)? I make a shortcut to an app I have installed or just put portable app on desktop but when I reboot its lost. Its like I’m running it from Live cd but its on a flash drive

  11. Antonio Difrancesco says:

    Many thanks. In future will ready also in italian language?

  12. sidispa says:

    There are some typos of no consequences in this page :

    Snipping Tool and Gimagex are listed twice

    Partition Wizard is a partition manager to manage the hard disk

    Majic Jelly Bean Key Finder should be Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

    Thank you for your work!

  13. lol says:

    I like this windows for testing because is very small and fast compared to the full windows 10, but i would like to run it like a portable SO in a USB (i can make changes) so used gimagex for install it in my USB.
    Runs great, just like the LiveISO buut doesn’t allow changes, i can install programs, make documents, but when i restart they are erased. Do you installed a program like DeepFreeze or is a limitation of the Windows? there is a way i can solve this?
    Sorry my english

    • gandalf50 says:

      Anything put on the X: will be gone after a reboot. That is all stored in the boot.wim which loads the OS on startup. Its mostly windows and a few programs. IF you save docs or install apps put them on your usb drive which should be the Y Drive. But use portable apps that dont require an install because even if you point the install to the usb all ll the shortcuts and registry settings will be gone after a reboot.

  14. robert says:

    Does it include direct x ?

  15. robert says:

    Thanks for your answer,
    Is it possible to install a WEBCAM? driver and software?

  16. Richard Wojcik says:

    Thank you very much! I do have a question is there a way to get the shortcuts to your ghost to work with my registered version of ghost so that it will utilize your shortcuts or is there a tutorial anywhere on how to modify it so I can update the shortcuts?

  17. robert says:

    Hi again,

    The webcam works perfectly.
    I tried to install a printer\scanner devices with no success :(
    Is it possible to do so?
    Thanks in advance.


  18. Jesrani says:

    Hi. I manage my small office network with few computers and have been using UBCD4Win and F4UBCD recently. However these do not work with new computers or even my 3 year old laptop with Win7-64 Bit. I put your Win10PE on a USB and tried. It’s wonderful, thanks for your efforts.
    Is it possible to make a Win7-32Bit+Win7-64Bit+Win10-32Bit+Win10-64Bit combined PE. I think all these should be able to fit in an 8Gb USB!! Also the Win7 PE did not have many drivers for my laptop but the WIn10 PE was able to load everything just fine.

  19. nataraj says:

    Wonderful x86 version. Now i have the two best WinPEs in the world ! Thank you again for your work.

    I just wanted to point out that this version is perfect for older machines. It loads successfully on a machine that has only 1GB of RAM compared to the x64 version which doesn’t.

    That being said, do you know what would be the strict minimum for this x86 version? I was a bit surprised to see it run on 1gb :) works decent too!

    • nataraj says:

      Thinking…minimum RAM required must be boot.wim size right? so around 800mb in this case?

      • gandalf50 says:

        Good guess. How much ram is remaining after boot-up. Is it using a swapfile. I could test it in a vm but not many people running systems with less than 1gb. if they are there likely running DOS.

        • nataraj says:

          All good, thank you for your input, no need to test it i will do further tests on my own :) 1gb crashed a few times, 1.5gb seems to be the minimum to have good operation.

  20. Coffee _Drinker says:

    I appreciate your work. For awhile I have been using Hirens and other cd/usb “tools” as part of my toolkit. I also have made my own with make_pe3, winbuilder etc. I’m vexed though on one issue, java. With yours it works great with an app or two that I use that need java. I’ve tried to follow what few tutorials and info there is (plug ins, copy/paste, reg entries) on installing java to a PE. Would you or another reader be so kind to direct me to concise tutorial on this or instructions. BTW, I can install to X:, but of course it isn’t savable/persistent. On Y:, I install, but my app will say “a suitable version of java cannot be found…”. I’m pulling my hair out. I don’t suppose it matters, it’s the 10pe I’m working on, I guess the same would apply to 7 and 8.1

  21. JCerna says:

    Is it possible to add Wifi SSD to and save it so it allways auto connects to wifi?

  22. chris says:

    Gandalf, you truly are a wizard, this TH2 is so close to what I’m looking for – it looks like it found my wifi device in my laptop – BOOM! Do you have this same build with the portable apps though?
    I’m still getting the FLASH PLAYER errors when running chrome (Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date) Update Plugin or Run This time are the choices – problem is that this will obviously happen at every reboot. if it were in an updateable portable version like in the previous build we “chatted” about, that should remedy this problem – as I know I don’t have this error on my regular desktop running chrome portable – and I don’t even have flash installed on that computer either – since I thought I read that chrome has “built-in” flash player.
    As always, you are truly appreciated –

  23. Joe says:

    The version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema bundled doesn’t include the LAVFilters64 subfolder so most of the internal filters are missing and it can’t render videos mpg/mkv, etc..

  24. Mark says:

    I cannot get the WIFI to work on my laptop and it reports an error when I right click and try and fix the network issue etc

    Your Windows 8 ISO works great on same machine

    Any ideas?



  25. Brad says:

    It would be a nice feature to to allowing installing both x86 and x64 onto one usb via uefi. Simulare to they way windows 10 usb allows you to have both x86 and x64

  26. Thomas says:

    Hello I had to make a adjustment to your PE. I know it logs in as administrator but the UAC was still enabled which does not make you the true administrator. I loaded the wim file and mounted it then edited the hive of the system and added under control LsaInfomation folder and inside added UACInstalled Dword value 0. I then re wrote the wim file and tested it. Now the run command has pure administator rights and you never get access denied when deleting something.

  27. Fabian says:

    El link de OneDrive no funciona y Mega limita la transferencia :/

    Gracias por tu trabajo.

    Google traductor:

    OneDrive link without works and transfer Mega LIMITED : /

    Thanks for your work .

  28. Fabian says:

    Oh, muchas gracias :D

  29. Dennis says:

    Norton Security detected Ammyy_Admin_v34 (aa_v3.4.exe) as a virus and quarantined it.

  30. Gouster4 says:

    Hi, can you please make only minimal system (+ DX, .net, visual c++ runtime) and add PortableApps?
    Like you had PortableApps in Win7PE.

    And is possible to have hybrid 32 and 64 bit usb, it will auto detect CPU?

  31. dernyn says:

    I love this x86 release….It’s almost September 2016..can we expect an updated version of the latest x86 win10 build, or can we expect a builder app which would do what you normally do by hand.

    did I say I love this release! I do.

    Things would be amazing if it had the modular flexibility Bartpe used to provide.

  32. mohamed says:

    I can’t download win 10 pe 32 bit from this sites

    thanks very much

  33. MEMES2002 says:

    can I have a link thats working? not mega preferably. thanks so much

  34. luk says:

    I can’t download win 10 pe 32 bit from this sites

    thanks very much

  35. mike says:

    Can you include a windows password reset app for all versions of windows?

  36. mike says:

    sorry included my incorrect email on that last reply.

  37. Mike says:

    Thanks!! Will have to check it out!!

  38. John says:

    Could you please give me access to the One Drive directory ?
    Thanks in advance.

  39. Felipe says:

    Hi I also would like to download it by onedrive, could you give me access too ?

    Thank you

  40. Lapin-Blanc says:

    Same for me… Would it be possible to download the x86 version ?
    Will use it on some 32bits architecture with my students…

  41. ExT says:

    Hi, Gandalfs50. I like your release idea and I want to download, but none of the links don’t work. Help me please! Thank you.

  42. Rafael Miranda says:

    Hi, Gandalfs50. Links off, please, helpe me! Thank you!

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