Updated Gandalf’s Win10PE x64 Redstone build 14393 version 11-10-2016

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Updated version 11-10-2016 of my Windows 10PE x64 Redstone release build 14393.  This build replaces version 10-24-2016. See update notes below for details. As with the previous version this provides support for running 32bit programs (WoW64).  The apps listed below are included in this build. Programs in Blue are new and programs in Green have been updated in this release. Many NEW APPS added to this release as well as a torrent magnet link. 

Winrar Powerful archiver and archive manager Acronis True Image 2016 x64 Backup and disk imaging solution
MS Paint and Wordpad Microsoft’s basic image and text editors Macrium Reflect 6.1.1311 Backup and disk imaging solution
CCleaner System optimization, privacy and cleaning tool Media player classic Classic Windows media player
HWiNFO Hardware information and diagnostic tool Snipping Tool Screen capture application.
Any Desk Remote Desktop application Teamviewer Remote control solution
Double Drive Driver backup application HDClone 6.0.5 Copy a complete hard disk onto another, larger hard disk
Winmerge File comparison tool CrystalCPUID Get detailed System information
Duplicate File Detective Pro  Find duplicate files Ntpwedit Change or remove passwords for local system accounts
AOMEI Partition Assistant Partitioning solution. Partition Wizard Alternate web browser.
Virtual Keyboard Virtual Magnifying Glass
DiskCryptor Disk encryption application similar to Bitlocker Bitlocker Microsoft’s disk encryption application
Powershell Powerful automation tool is both a shell and a scripting language Ultraiso Directly edit ISO files, make images from CD/DVD-ROM
Unlocker Unlocker helps delete locked files with error messages Gimagex A graphical user interface for the ImageX tool
SuperAntiSpyWare  Free Malware Remover Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder A freeware utility that retrieves your Product Keys
HiJackThis Spot home page hijackers and startup programs Ghost The classic imaging tool
Skype Provides video chat and voice calls. VNC Viewer Remote Control Software
Sysinternal Suite Troubleshooting Utilities VLC Media Player Open-source cross-platform multimedia player
IrfanView Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer  User-friendly image browser, converter and editor.
Mozilla FireFox Another great browser Easy BCD Boot management tool and bcd editor.
Snipping Tool Take snapshots Drive Snapshot Disk imaging solution
AOMEI Backuper Imaging and backup application. Rufus Utility to format and create bootable USB flash drives
Wise Data Recovery Recovery program to get back deleted photos, documents, etc. WinToolkit Customize Your Windows Installation
ImgBurn  CD burning tool. Treesize Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs
Defraggler Disk Defragmenter RecoverKeys Retrieves your Product Keys
Remote Desktop Latest version of Windows remote desktop. DismGui 4 Dism with a graphical interface
DtSearch Desktop Engine  instant searching of desktop-accessible files Advanced Renamer 3.72  Batch rename files and folders
Chromium Portable Chrome based  Browser Powershell Automation scripting
R-Drive Image 6.0  Disk backup & recovery Syncovery Pro Back up your data and synchronize PCs
WinNC 6.2  Filemanager for Windows 10 a la Norton Commander. WinUtilities  System performance and optimization suite
Wireshark  Network protocol analyzer ExamDiff  Visual file comparison. 
Amigabit Data Recovery  Recover lost data from computer Advanced System Care  Registry Cleaner and PC optimizer
Aida64  System information, diagnostics and benchmarking Active Partition Manager 5  Manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions
Bulk Rename Easily batch rename files and folders Directory List and Print  Enables listing and printing the content of any directory
EF Commander  Multi-featured file manager FolderSizes 8.2  Disk space analysis tool
AusLogics Disk Defrag  Disk defragmenter software 7Zip  Archiver and archive manager can also be used for editing wim files.

 Update Notes

  • Fixed Start Menu to show recent apps
  • Fixed some dead shortcuts
  • Fixed Microsoft Remote Desktop Network Level Authentication problem
  • Updated TeamViewer to Version 11
  • Added AnyDesk remote application
  • Fixed MalwareBytes Anti Malware
  • Should now work on systems with 2GB of ram

Start Menu


Download from OneDrive                        Download from Mega                         

It’s a very large download almost 4.3gb  so be patient it can take 30-60 minutes (depending on your internet speed) to download.  After downloading, burn the bootable ISO file to  a USB large of 8gb or larger, using rufus or a similar program to create your bootable USB.  Do not burn to DVD, since many apps need to write data to the application folder. A BIG THANKS to everyone over at theOven.org

If download doesn’t work on OneDrive  it’s because MS is preventing my sharing to everyone, so send me a comment with a good email and I will add your email to the share. Or try the torrent magnet link or the Mega download link .

Checksum for Gandalf’s Win10PE x64 Redstone-10-24-2016.ISO

MD5 Checksum: 1D4120E10CB7F739C725A05DC3382A30


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  1. Qual says:

    Gandalf, Thank you for the update release.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks again.

    • David Lindsay says:

      Great work Gandalf, thanks. I see that you are continually adding apps, how do I update to the latest version and get the new ones. Downloading the whole of the windows 10 PE just to get the apps is an overkill :)


  2. Rafael Miranda says:

    Thank you!

  3. Mark Yancy says:

    Thanks Gandalf, i like your software very much. Keep it up..

  4. gandalf50 says:

    I have added all the people requesting to be added to the share. I am also uploading it to Mega. If you don’t see the iso in the folder, its because the upload has not finished.

    • Hi says:

      thanks for the upload to mega im downloading it now and see if it works good on my pc


      Do I have to install all of the programs included?? How big would the whole installation take up if no extra programs were installed?? Also when do you think you will be updating this project?? THANKS FROM THE COMMENTS THIS LOOKS GREAT

  5. Nom2 says:

    Does it reboot after 72 hours?

  6. Qual says:

    i.m.h.o. portable CCleaner in WinPE doesn’t make any sense as there’s no offline or remote system selector.
    CCleaner is never designed to clean a remote environment.
    Registry keys you’re accessing belong to WinPE, so running CCleaner from WinPE would be rather pointless.
    Tell me if I`m wrong.

  7. Qual says:

    “Recent programs” don’t appear in the StartisBack StartMenu.
    a fix is appreciated.

  8. Ra says:

    What is the “ädministrator” password ?
    I burned the ISO to DL DVD and boot to the Win10 Login screen but it prompts a password to login to Windows…

    • gandalf50 says:

      There is no password it should login automatically. This iso is meant to be written to USB not a DVD.

      • Ra says:

        Thanks will try it on USB,do you have an ISO for DVD use available?..thanks for all your work and time,also for taking time to reply on comments..these tools help alot!

  9. Qual says:

    Workaround for StartisBack Menu (“Recent programs” don’t appear in startmenu):
    I disabled the StartisBack Menu and integrated the Stardock Start10 menu which is in the previous 10586 WinPE

    Works perfect now with the Start10 menu

    • gandalf50 says:

      Yes I was aware of the issue and had fixed it. Thanks Just havent uploaded to the shares waiting to see if other issues crop up.

  10. Dabugen says:

    Great stuff Gandalf, appreciate your hard work. In my opinion


    would be a great addition to your Windows 10 PE. Reason is: I have been using it to troubleshoot my friends computers remotely and as long as they have a network connection within your Windows 10 PE and then just download AnyDesk and start it, it works just perfectly fine in terms that I can remote-control your Windows 10 PE at their computers (as they do not know how to use it).

    So integrating just that AnyDesk.exe (it is all portable) into your next version of Windows 10 PE, that would be amazing!

    Thank you:)

  11. Carver Smith says:

    I have an Alienware (Dell) laptop with 12 GB of memory, and could not boot into safemode. I built your latest ISO on a 32 GB usb stick. Booted the machine pressed F12 for boot options picked USB and it almost immeadiately gave me a 0Xc0000017 message, not enough memory. It looks like a great tool just can’t use it on this machine.

    • gandalf50 says:

      You may have a memory issue on that laptop but more likely the below might resolve the issue.
      >Boot your computer into Windows.
      >Right click the Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin).
      >Type bcdedit /enum all and press Enter.
      >You’ll see a list of all the memory locations that have been deemed ‘bad’, this list can be cleared.
      Type bcdedit /deletevalue {badmemory} badmemorylist and press Enter (type this verbatim, {badmemory} is not a placeholder for anything).
      >Close the Command Prompt window and restart your computer and try booting into the USB again

  12. Brandon says:

    I have also ran into the problem where it will not boot saying there is not enough memory to create the ram disk. The computer I tried it on has 2GB of ram. I tried the bcdedit suggestion but I have nothing flagged as bad.

  13. Carver Smith says:

    The alienware is in a boot loop from Anniversary update and no video driver for Nivida for this model, so no boot and other USBs like the windows installers don’t see anything correctly

  14. Jayro Jones says:

    Another amazing build, thanks Gandalf.

    And hang in there buddy, things get easier with time.

  15. Kevin Bentley says:

    Thanks for all the great work. I wish I could repay the favor so keep it up, it is very helpful. I was lost after my UBCD tool became obsolete and very happy to see someone is keeping up-to-date on a tool like this… Much appreciated!

  16. momo says:

    gandalf, looks like great work, but can’t figure out how to download. mega is not allowing to download, with or without account
    onedrive click on download nothing happens
    how to download?
    is there a way you can put this on google drive, there are no problems with it

  17. Antonio Machado says:

    Thank You !!

  18. Dylan says:

    It seems that one drive is blocking the download

  19. alternety says:

    I went through the same thing with Mega. It would appear that you need to install their new download Firefox app before it will let you download.

    Now I just have to figure out where Mega put the file. I hate it when applications don’t ask where to put a file and just do their own thing into directories I don’t use (e.g., a variety of MS Standard places.

    A suggestion for inclusions in the ISO. I have only looked at a few applications and all the program names, so the following may just be novice BS.

    I suspect it will be quite common for someone using this incredible plethora of tools to need to read documentation. I suggest adding a PDF reader (Foxit has a free portable version), and if it can be done, distribute Firefox with the MAFF handler installed. MAFF is the way I always save web pages. It is a nice convenient compressed format. Quite frequently I will want to have some saved online how-to pages available that I need to find my way through the processes.

    I am nowhere at the skill level to understand all of the things in the ISO. Looking at a small number, they seem to have little documentation included. When any exists, could a copy of the documentation be included.

    • gandalf50 says:

      Sumatra PDF is included and is associated with pdf and chm files. Some programs have html help files either locally or online. Many of the programs have either pdf or chm files as well.

  20. Mark says:

    I’ve tried your image, and I must say it’s pretty good. I’d do some changes but, in general it’s very useful and certainly a hard work. Congrats.

    I only wanted to let you know that it seems you tried to include Paragon Partition Manager 15 and then deleted it, but you left the shortcut under the HD Tasks/Partitioning folder.

  21. John says:

    Simply tried everything to download from OneDrive and MEGA; both are blocking download through platform errors. Please add me to direct share list

  22. mike says:

    hi, can you add fab’s auto backup, hdd regenerator (any other tool for hard drive bad sectors) and active password changer ? good work

  23. Chet says:

    Thanks for the new build. Running into a problem with the start menu shortcuts. They are mostly all mapped to the Y drive, which doesn’t exist. The Boot volume is X and the Gandalf usb key is E. I didn’t have this issue with the old version. Is there a way I can fix this?

  24. Lee Gold says:

    Again if time one more question:

    Maybe 4gb file size would work on Fat32(?)

    Is there a way to go into the iso and remove some of the addon utilities and programs to trim it under 4 gb?

    Sorry about newbie type question. Thanks.

    • gandalf50 says:

      Just open the iso with a program like Ultraiso and remove any of the apps you dont want from the programs folder and resave.

  25. Juanxo says:

    One question, this operating system will have many things removed from the original Windows 10, right? Is the Windows Media Player in this ISO? It’s a lite version, is not it?

  26. Rick says:

    Awesome tool!

    I will request that NTPWedit needs to be updated to the latest version which is 0.6

    Download link is here.

  27. emanuel says:

    Great work! I know windows PE since first look on web many years ago and your porting on windows 10 is a very good job.

  28. SegaMegaDave says:

    Best boot tool I’ve ever seen. I’ve played around with PE enough to appreciated this took some awesome skills.

    Do you have a guide for adding and removing programs from the image and the start menu?

  29. Mohan Thava says:

    Thanks Gandalf, i like your software very much. Keep it up..

  30. Mohan Thava says:

    Thanks Gandalf, Can you please send me the files through email.

  31. Mohan Thava says:

    Gandalf, Can you please send me the download link.

  32. Kim says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    I’m currently intenting to update a few firmwares for a laptop but each time I try to install a Soft Pack from HP, I get a message saying that system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation.
    So, is there a way to change that on ‘gandalfs-win10pe-x64-redstone’ edition or should I need to download another x64 image? Thank you very for your help.

    — Kim

    • gandalf50 says:

      Are you an administrator of the pc? If not you can reset the admin password and then give yourself ownership.

  33. Mark says:

    Ah much love :D After 2 days of stress and struggling with other attempts, I found this!
    Just had to install Intel RST drivers for my SSD to show up, and then I could unencrypt it and get all my data back!
    Thanks for your work buddy, much appreciated!

  34. Jim says:

    I can’t load any programs off the USB, except ones that come with Windows itself, when I check the properties of for example Firefox, it looking on drive y: but I have no drive y:
    Using ReMount Y gives an error that USB drive formatted in NTFS can be used.
    Went to Rufus and try to recreate USB in FAT32 but Rufus no can do.
    Any solutions?

    • gandalf50 says:

      Something on the setup of the computer you are trying to run it from is preventing a proper mount of the Y: drive. Check the bcedit config or try on another computer and see if you have the same problem.

      • Jim says:

        Two questions:
        1) Which boot should I run BCDedit a) Gandalf boot or b) regular Windows 10 boot?
        2) I ran it with the /v option and it displayed a page of information what am I looking for?

        It’s Dell 8100, 2 HDs & 12GB of memory.


        • gandalf50 says:

          the gandalf boot. Have you got a second OS installed on the other drive? Try disabling the 2nd drive in the bios and booting.

          • Jim says:

            No second OS on Dell XPS 8100
            Tried it on my Dell Laptop and it works.
            Two small problems
            1) No wireless connection, tries to use Ethernet adapter.
            2) Properties on drive “y” show zero used and zero available.
            Have had a chance to disable the second hard drive on the Dell XPS 8100 yet.

          • Jim says:

            Finally found time to try to disable the 2nd drive in bios but there is no option to disable it on my Dell XPS 8100. The system has two 1tb hard drives and 2 CD drives

  35. Malik Mcdougal says:

    So…. lets say i wanted to get one program installed on here, i have tried using dism to inject/install into the WIM, however i breaks it, i noticed alot of programs our installed outside the wim, Can we just install our own programs to the programs folder instead of modifying the wim? (reason being is it started giving boot issues after modifying)

    • gandalf50 says:

      Yes you can with one caveat. It needs to be a standalone app that does not require an installation ( ie. a portable app). If it requires an install and modifies registry settings it is not going to work outside of the wim.

  36. Is there any program i can add similar to hdd regenerator? please respond.

  37. Tyga says:

    Thanks for a really great app you have here….
    I would like to ask if perhaps you can include itunes driver, or the whole itunes itself pre-installed in your build.
    I know you may tell me that hey, its a pe build.
    I just happen to use your build in accessing an apple device using 3rd part apps (i use copytrans manager to transfer music and videos without instead of itunes), but it says you got to have the driver to be able to use it.
    Which brings me to ask if you could include my itunes or apple driver in your pe build…
    Thanks for reading this one..
    More power…

  38. captainmidnight says:

    Hi gandalf50, great build of latest win10PE with wide selection of tools – thank you, will probably start to use this build as my go-to utility PE for Windows 10 related desktops/laptop issues.

    Just a small issue with this build, when booting from a pendrive, the win10PE system exists as drive X:, a fair few programs in the menu try and execute from drive X: but they exist in the ‘programs’ folder on drive Y: (the actual pendrive)?

    The programs that don’t launched give a error related to the users profile on drive X:

    Have I missed a trick is there something I should have run before trying to execute some of the menu items (like Macrium Reflect, Acronis etc)?

    Finally, am I able to preset the region/language/keyboard layout via a pendrive config file so that it’s always fixed?

    Thanks for the hard work.

  39. captainmidnight says:

    Hi, just an update to an earlier question.

    ….wrt menu items not working it appears it’s only Macrium Reflect and Paragon that isn’t linked correctly in the menu?

    Thankfully Macrium Refect is still in the Programs folder so I can live with having to run it manually if it’s not an easy/quick fix I could do myself with imagex / winpe reg changes?

    Still would like an easy’ish or easier way of fixing the region/keyboard/language if possible?

    Thanks again for the great work and regular updates :O)

    • gandalf50 says:

      I will look into it. If you could email that config file you’re using I would like to have a look.

      • captainmidnight says:

        After a bit of digging, the Macrium Reflect menu shortcut missing issue is purely down to you’ve changed versions: –

        from Technician’s USB version
        to the Home version

        .. and the menu shortcut hasn’t been updated, it still points to the old x64 folder for the Technician’s USB folder it should be undated to point to: –

        “Y:\Programs\Macrium Reflect Home”
        and “Y:\Programs\Macrium Reflect Home\reflect.exe”

        Still looking at if there’s any easier ways of changing the winpe regional and input locals without having to resort to using DISM.

        Still a great work, and hope the above correct can be added to future versions to help others.

      • captainmidnight says:

        For anyone else looking at localising their copy to their region/keyboard/timezone etc here’s the code sequence I’ve used to convert to GB specific settings: –

        [For my needs there was no advantage of adding in a specific additional language pack, but others may need to do this.]

        …. boot.wim has been copied to a directory C:\WinPE\
        …. an empty mount folder here has also been created called ‘mount’

        Dism /Get-Imageinfo /Imagefile:boot.wim

        Dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:”C:\WinPE\boot.wim” /index:1 /MountDir:”C:\WinPE\mount”

        Dism /Image:”C:\WinPE\mount” /Get-Intl

        Default system UI language : en-US
        System locale : en-US
        Default time zone : Pacific Standard Time
        User locale for default user : en-US
        Location : United States (GEOID = 244)
        Active keyboard(s) : 0409:00000409, 0c0c:00011009
        Keyboard layered driver : PC/AT Enhanced Keyboard (101/102-Key)

        Installed language(s): en-US
        Type : Fully localized language.

        The operation completed successfully.

        Dism /Image:”C:\WinPE\mount” /Set-InputLocale:en-gb
        Dism /Image:”C:\WinPE\mount” /Set-UserLocale=en-gb
        Dism /Image:”C:\WinPE\mount” /Set-SysLocale=en-gb
        Dism /Image:”C:\WinPE\mount” /Set-timezone=”GMT Standard Time”

        C:\WinPE>Dism /Image:”C:\WinPE\mount” /Get-Intl

        Default system UI language : en-US
        System locale : en-GB
        Default time zone : GMT Standard Time
        User locale for default user : en-GB
        Location : United Kingdom (GEOID = 242)
        Active keyboard(s) : 0809:00000809
        Keyboard layered driver : PC/AT Enhanced Keyboard (101/102-Key)

        Installed language(s): en-US
        Type : Fully localized language.

        The operation completed successfully.

        Dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:”C:\WinPE\mount” /commit

  40. Mithrandir8888 says:


    First, awesome name! :-)

    Thank you very much for all your work on this build! I used to spend hours customizing my BartPE boot disk but your build puts mine to shame. Really appreciate all you’ve done with this!

  41. Clement says:


    Could you insert “Priform Recuva” in your List?

    It’s important software for Recovery Lost file…

  42. PCWizrd says:

    Hey Gandolf,
    Thanks for another awesome build. FYI, when you launch SuperAntiSpyware from inside W10PE it gives an errors saying it’s the 32bit version and asks if you want to run the wrong version. You can say yes and it will load but thought I’d submit a bug so others don’t get confused about the error.
    Keep up the great work :D

  43. Ultra HD says:

    Thanks for this beautiful Windows!

    How do I install the drivers to activate the resolution ultra HD?
    I tried to install the drivers with the device manager but it says my drivers are already updated.
    If the resolution ultra HD doesn’t work, no problem, I’ll use the full hd.

    But the resolution ultra HD worked in a old version of your Windows 7 that I was able to update the driver using device manager

  44. matt says:

    Can you find another way to distribute it ?
    maybe by torrent ?

    • gandalf50 says:

      I have added a torrent download for this version. Let me know if it working for you guys

      • matt says:

        Thanks you, but too late for this one .
        two days for downloading by mega (because of the size limit).

        Next one, i’ll DL by torrent !

  45. Kevin says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    Once WinPE is running, can I install a video editing software myself?

    • gandalf50 says:

      Only if it is a portable version and you put it on the usb

      • Technomancer says:

        Any suggestions as to what program we should use to repackage the iso? imgburn gets a little testy with folders that are more than 9 directories deep

  46. Jerry says:

    Your ISOs great! But fyi your website is infected. I use Chrome. On a couple occasions when hovering over Download then selecting a download option, my browser is hijacked and told my computer infected along with a voice threatening my drive will be deleted. Using TaskManager and killing chrome resolves the problem. But the site is somehow been infected

    • gandalf50 says:

      it is not infected. It’s a kind of ad used by one of my advertisers to help pay for the website costs. I have asked for it to be disabled. I was given instructions on how to disable but it still pops up occasionally. For those who experience it follow Jerry’s advice of bringing up task manager and ending the task for chrome (or whatever browser you are using).

  47. Steve says:

    There is a bug with this build in that the .ini file it looks for is
    Gandalf’s Win10PE x86 Redstone-11-07-2016_x64.ISO

    This may cause problems if you are using Easy2Boot and direct ISO booting.

    To get it to work correctly on Easy2Boot, use the MPI_FAT32 desktop shortcut and enter a size of 5100MB for the .imgPTN file. Then it will MBR and UEFI-boot correctly.

  48. Kenny says:

    Is there a way to inject drivers at startup (not having to rebuild)? I’ve tried using PECmdExt.ini that was there (but it may have been from one of the others, I have all of them mixed on one USB), and PECmd.ini, in the root of the Y: drive (USB) but it doesn’t seem to do anything with it. Thanks

    • Kenny says:

      Sorry I should say, I have created a .bat file that runs devcon.exe using “update” argument to inject the correct display driver. That works fine once the PE is up and running. I just wanted a way to auto run that bat file (or directly install the .inf file).

  49. Anonymoose says:

    hi Gandalf-

    have you considered adding some disk security and encryption/decryption utilities to your package? It would be very handy to be able to bulk-wipe multiple USB disks, or create/edit/decrypt non-Bitlocker disks. Veracrypt, PGP or R-Crypto would seem the best choices.

    • gandalf50 says:

      DiskCryptor drive encryption is included and Acronis includes a drive cleanser tool for wiping data.

  50. Evgeniy says:

    Thank you for your hard work.
    How do i do dual boot usb drive with yours x86 and x64 WINPE?

  51. Exill says:

    Hey Gandalf

    Thanks for the best Windows support disk ever made!
    To show my appreciation, I am keeping this and future releases on my seedbox with 10 Gbit upload.
    Keep up the good work and I will keep supporting your magnet links. :)

  52. Prof_Peter says:

    Excellent piece of work! You may want to consider adding AccessData’s FK Imager to your disk tools – it’s useful for disk exploration but it also enables the creation of forensic images.

  53. Fred says:

    Hi Gandalf, excellent work with the new Redstone build and the new apps, it makes for an excellent tools and recovery environment.

    The only problem I have found so far is that the AOMEI Backupper will not create system backup images, I always get the error message ‘Driver not functioning properly’ … if I use my standalone AOMEI backupper on its own all works as expected.

  54. john says:

    Great work.

    Can you also include some sort of ssd/hdd testing software like AS-SSD or CrystalDiskMark? it would be really useful.


  55. Asraf says:

    Hi Gandalf,

    Thank you for your awesome WINPE. Very helpful and useful. However, can you give any guideline on how to remove certain apps in your winpe ? is it just delete the folder ? I just want to use minimal apps and its help the booting much faster and lighter haha.


  56. g says:

    macrium reflect does not open in this release or previous release

    • gandalf50 says:

      the shortcut is not working. Just browse to Y:\Programs\Macrium Reflect Home and run reflect.exe

  57. HowardC says:

    Thanks for the great work. I often use this to update hardware firmware too. Trying to run Intel SSD Toolbox v3.4.3 from USB, it stated “the following program requires .Net Framework 4.0 or later…” ASoft .Net Dectector has all the version gray out. On CLR1, CLR2, CLR2 texts are in white. What do I need to install .NET framwork?

  58. src9 says:

    Hi Gandalf. Greetings from Argentina.
    This is the best updated toolkit at now.

    Question, is there any tool to reset (passw) microsoft login accounts? (not normal user account)

    • gandalf50 says:

      Yes Use Ntpwedit

      • Elfern Rivers says:

        Really ?

        I just have to buy a program to reset a Windows 10 Anniversary build Live id user account because none of my programs could reset this.
        The program I bought ,also is one of the best, also can’t reset an Anniversary microsoft user account.And after 2 complaints to the company ,they have to revise and change the software to ,at last, reset a Windows 10 Anniversary microsoft user account.
        I have been using ntpwedit for the past 5-6 years.And tested,before release and after release ,in windows from Vista to Windows 10 Anniversary.All the times works excellent for user local accounts.

        But if you say so,I will make some tests.

  59. pcexpert says:

    this is just so helpful and amazing.ive been using prog like this since before xp live.i find it useful when my system cant be repaired and windows need to be reinstalled and I cant access windows to backup my stuff.keep up the good work and add me to the onedrive shares
    thanks again

  60. Dizzy says:

    Hope you can help.

    Got both the x32 and x64 booting off Easy2Boot 1.90 but Wireshark refuses to capture packets. It says Wirecap? has to be installed as well it can not open files in the wireshark program directory. The files are in deed on Y: drive.

    Is this a known problem using Easy2Boot to launch these ISOs? Does Wireshark run from USB flash drives or does the ISO have to be placed on a USB hard drive via say rufus into order to have these utilities to function properly?

  61. Mike says:

    Wireshark is probably looking for WinPCAP that is depends on it interface into the network and IP stack. If your Wireshark didn’t install it for you, you could try running the WinPCAP installer before starting Wireshark.

  62. Mike says:

    Wiresharp actually uses the WinPcap implementation of PCAP. If you look into the Wireshark installation file, you will find WinPcap_4_1_3.exe (for Wireshark-win64-2.2.1 version of Wireshark). There are other implementations of PCAP but this is what Wireshark uses by defualt.

    • Dizzy says:

      There is no Wireshark installation file since Wireshark is pre installed in Gandalf’s PE. Go to the winpcap.org site and trying to install WinPcap from there causes and error saying that it was not compatible with this version of Windows.

  63. tomcat says:

    my previous note was disappeared so i will repeat. the question – how to disable Start10 or set it to hide in fullscreen mode? i opened RDP session in fullscreen and Start10 menu bar closes remote menu bar.

    Best Regards!

  64. Fred says:

    Hi Gandalf, excellent work with the new Redstone build and the new apps, it makes for an excellent tools and recovery environment.

    The only problem I have found so far is that the AOMEI Backupper will not create system backup images, I always get the error message ‘Driver not functioning properly’ … if I use my standalone AOMEI backupper on its own all works as expected.

  65. Hideo says:

    Hi Gandalf
    your project is exellent, i really like it
    i just want you to include Crystal Disk Info because this software is really usefull in get information about the hard drive health

  66. Yosh M says:

    First – a big thank you. I just discovered this & tried it today & it is great!

    Question: When I try running AOMEI Backupper, it gives me an error message re: the disk driver. Is there a way to resolve this? I am trying to backup the local C: drive to an external USB Seagate Backup Plus drive.

    Suggestion for future version: FastCopy is a pretty handy utility. It’s what I’m using to get files off my failing hard drive since I can’t get AOMEI Backupper to work yet. It’s “portable” if you just copy out the relevant files from the installer.

    • gandalf50 says:

      Acronis, Macrium Reflect or R-Drive may also help with backing up.

      • Yosh M says:

        Thanks. I’ll check them. Meanwhile, if you have an idea of how to get AOMEI Backupper working, I’d be pleased. It’s my preferred solution. Thanks.

  67. Leon says:

    You can delete my last comment. I realized the iso i had was not the May version but earlier yet. haha Can you explain the differance between Threshold and Redstone and which is recommended. Thanks

    • gandalf50 says:

      Redstone is the latest and greatest and I would recommend that. As for the differences, its mostly that many apps have been updated with the release. Check the posts to see which apps.

  68. Jérôme says:

    Thanks for your works

  69. Chris says:

    @Gandalff – I downloaded this ISO to give it a test run and my SEP Enterprise server notified me the below file is malicious – I realize this might be a tool that is “built in” to your iso – however, it is NOT listed as an app in your description – is this an oversight in the description, or should we be worried?
    Obviously, I can’t test/verify because as soon as the ISO was finished copying to the flash drive, SEP scanned and deleted it!

    Path: E:\Programs\Ammyy_Admin_v34\AA_v3.4.exe
    Application name: AA_v3.4.exe
    Risk name: Remacc.Ammyy
    Remacc.Ammyy is a remote control surveillance tool that secretly monitors and controls computers.

  70. ljk.119 says:

    a month ago my pc failed ,spent many hours finding a cure ,this program is fantastic thank you x 10. barts pe was a reinvention of sliced bread yours is an apple pie with ice cream,in any flavour i want.i still need to digest all these flavours, more than one meal in this package,i installed to a 20 gig ide usb drive,works awesome,best use for an old drive,i think i would like to [someday] do a custom build,because i am a software junky ,[wife thinks i need help] she is always right.u r a top chef ,thankyou for sharing ,your newest fan

  71. Tom says:

    I’ve been using your boot ‘images’ since my Windows XP boot disk stopped working due to many technology changes/advances over the years.

    I’ve just encountered a particular computer and I can’t get any of the Windows 8 through 10 boot images to work on, which happens to be an HP ZBook studio G3. All the images work on all the previous HP computers my company has purchased over the past 5-6 years…

    HP EliteBook 8460p, 8470p, Elitebook 840g1, g2, g3… but I can’t figure this ZBook thing out. I’ve tried with all the BIOS defaults out of the box. I’ve enabled legacy mode… just can’t find the stumbling block.

    Our IT/SCCM people have a USB boot image that we use as a backup for deploying computers when our network PXE boot process decides not to work… and it works fine on these ZBooks. The only difference between the two USB boot devices/images that I’m aware of, is that our company USB drives are formatted FAT32, but the Gandalf image is NTFS… but

    This probably isn’t an easy question, but if you’re able to point me in a particular direction to get the Gandalf images to boot on these ZBooks, I would really appreciate it.


    • Elfern Rivers says:

      Do you compare specs between the computers?
      I think not.

      All the first computers has a regular sata spin hdd.
      The ZBook studio G3 has a pciex SSD and a Xeon E3-1505M.
      Only for the pciex SSD you can have at least 85% of no sucess.
      Due to drivers(hdd controller/chipset).
      I tested WinPE from some guys /companies.DO this test. Try booting from Active@ Boot Disk or PCUnlocker.Even DEMO versions.
      Then post if you can get the Zbook to get boot.
      I’m just a guy that works at a computer repair store.I didn’t even have a computer certification.But I have to deal with some issues.

  72. SteveSi says:

    You don’t say how you made your USb drive?
    see https://youtu.be/xNcUq-R_YHg
    You need to disable secure boot and enable Boot Mode Legacy and USB Boot
    If the USb drive is FAT32 then it should UEFI-boot, so that may explain why the other USb drive boots and your NTFS drive does not.

  73. Tom says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve used Rufus to create all of the “Gandalf” boot disks that I’ve created over the past few years. I’ve tried a few of the different options during creation, but either the way the image was created, or how Rufus works… but it wouldn’t let me ‘burn’ the Gandalf image onto a FAT32 USB drive. I’ve only ever created NTFS Gandalf boot media.

    I’m not really privy to how our work USB boot process is created, because I don’t have anything to do with it. But I’m relatively sure it follows some Microsoft SCCM process.

    I have tried disabling the SecureBoot and enabling the LegacyBoot BIOS options on the ZBook, and it didn’t help. What I find odd is that on another computer, an EliteBook 840g3… that we’ve placed our standard work ‘build’ onto, which enables secure boot and disables legacy boot… my previous Gandalf USB drives boot just fine. There is something odd/unique about these new ZBooks.

  74. Joseph Peni says:

    Thanks for all your good work.

    Special thanks for providing a TORRENT download – it makes downloading much easier.

  75. Tom says:

    I stumbled on the video describing how to inject drivers into the boot images. I was trying to avoid completing the manufacturers install before making an image of this new computer, but I was stuck, so I went ahead and fired it up, completed HP’s install, then followed the video to inject the drivers, and now the boot media actually works with this new ZBook!

    I’m sure there’s a way to inject the drivers without having a working computer to pull the drivers from… but I’m also pretty sure that’s more than I want to learn! LOL!!!

    Keep up the good work. These boot images are fantastic troubleshooting tools.


  76. Julio says:

    Hello my friend, thank you very much for the nice work! i love it! use it all the time, just wanted to thank you, i will download now this updated version and try it out soon. thanks again.

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