Gandalf’s Windows 10 PEx64 Redstone 2 Creators Update Coming Soon

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The new build is completed but before I release it I would like a few people to test it and give me their feedback on any issues.  Those who have had wifi or lan driver issues in the past especially.  Send me your email to and I will add you to the onedrive share this evening when the build is uploaded to onedrive.

Here’s a screenshot of the desktop.  I have to test all the apps and shortcuts still and then write up the post . I hopefully will have it completed by the end of the weekend. ☺

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  1. ChrisR says:

    Win10 1703 Creator Update. It seems that I am followed :smile:

  2. mgforce says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek. Appreciate the efforts and eagerly waiting for release.

  3. captainmidnight says:

    Looking good my friend, anticipation is killing me 😀😉

  4. Split74 says:

    Thank you so much for the preview! Can’t wait for the update! Will there also be a 32-bit version?

  5. oldRossy says:

    Split74 – I concur 110% – WinPE is surely intended as a tool to be used as and when the primary O/S can’t be run.

    If you want custom setups then buy the MS license and install / customise whatever *you* regard as good for your needs.

    Keep up the good work Gandalf… oldRossy…

  6. Farting_Dog says:

    I’m looking forward to this, hopefully it’s released soon! :D

    • gandalf50 says:

      There is a slight delay with the build. It seems that after I make some edits to the wim it does not want to boot into windows. It goes as far as the start-up sound and then just sits there, never completing the login. grrr. Working on it. And I have a date tonight, first one since my wife’s passing, so wish me luck.

      • Qual says:

        Bring a rose with you for her.
        success assured ;-)
        Have a fine evening together.

      • Farting_Dog says:

        Good luck on that date buddy! :D

      • Qual says:

        Gandalf, your problem sounds familiar to me.
        I use a customized version of your 1607 x64 WinPE iso, which is extracted to my Win10 system partition and added to the Win10 BootManager Menu. So the WinPE loads from harddisk. After a warm reboot from Win10 into your WinPE now and then the same problem happens to me. To me is seems to be a RAM-memory conflict (occupied memory address). My workaround is to shutdown the computer and then run WinPE from a cold boot.

        Keep up your good work.

      • Bob.Omb says:

        Most likely because of your modifications to the login as admin script…

      • Bob.Omb says:

        You are bypassing most of win10pe.cfg with custom shortcuts which I’m sure you already know, (this was smart so people can add stuff after the fact) and altered the switchtoadmin.ini etc etc I’m sure that’s where the problem is coming from. Most likely related to pecmd failing to load the shell, I’m sure its something stupid but man it sure sucks having to wait to test the build after each attempted fix lol =) build times are a nightmare but you do good work so I’m sure you’ll figure it out…

        • gandalf50 says:

          thx, I think i have isolated it to the admin account. For now I may just stick with the system logon and it seems to be working. Will run a few more tests to be sure

          • Bob.Omb says:

            Add a batch to the autorun that grabs the SwitchtoAdminLogon.log(or maybe SwitchtoAdminLogin.log in your case) from system32 after boot and copies it to the root of the c:\ so you can see whats happening…That file will display any errors once the script completes, the hard part is getting to it from a blank screen. Will taskmgr(ctrl alt delete) open?

      • Bob.Omb says:

        Your old switchtoadminlogin.ini works perfectly for me (not logon, but login) If your doing an BLexact and secure update just reimport your original SwitchtoAdmin.ini – SwitchtoAdminLogin.ini – SwitchtoAdminPrepare.ini from your redstone 1 build and you should get to a desktop fine, works for me…

  7. Luke says:

    Gandalf I just wanna say that your windows PE save me and others uncountable hours of work. I am so grateful for your work. I will enjoy the new version as the last one. Thanks again.

  8. Split74 says:

    Hey oldRossy,

    What I meant with “Base image” was stripping most of the included applications down since this is being used as a custom support tool in my business. I’m basically adding custom applications, like Symantec Encryption support tools, Ghost, ex. to the existing image. I’m customizing the systems look.. backgrounds/shortcuts, etc, I’m also adding BGinfo and starting VNC server support as well. The easiest way, for me, is to work with the Win10pe.cfg file for any and all shortcut/start menu customization. The Autorun.cmd files is used to tweak more system details such as registry key imports, additional driver startups, etc. On the older Hiren’s CD’s I used to export and import the registry keys manually before compiling the WIN, it’s easier with the Autorun.cmd file. I using a multiboot USB that also includes the Hiren’s Windows 7 image… I’m adding attributes and the same application launching methods to Gandalfs build. This way my final WIM file is half the size and boots faster while all applications are compressed and shared between 3 images, only decompressing and launching as needed. I have Two Hiren’s Win7 images for separate Access and recovery of Symantec disk encryption support and one image for new Windows 10 PGP based encryption support. My boot USB/DVD is only about 4gb in size with all applications and the three windows based images. I’m using a DOS4Grub menu system that also allows me to start many Diagnostic ISO tools like HDD-regenerator,Memtest, spinright,etc without having to boot into WinPE.

    I have been building this code up for many years now, I’m thankful for people like Gandalf and Hiren for creating these types of images and saving us so much time doing it ourselves. Keep up the great work Gandalf! You are going to be a legend in history just like Hiren is for us IT geeks ;)

    Hope this info helps some.

    Hey Gandalf,

    With these new updated Win10PE redstone versions… does this just include latest applications and or service packs and or drivers? Just want to see if I should just use Dism on the current Win10 image I’m currently running and happy with or wait for this new version and customize it all over again? Just unsure what is really being update with these newer releases. What is your drivers source?


    • oldRossy says:

      Split74 – thanks for the reply, it gave me quite a bit of Googling already but you are obviously way ahead of me and getting all that into 4GB is almost unbelievable…

      My target user for *launching* the boot tool is my ‘extended family’ of (non-IT) people who I (remotely) assist on a part time basis.
      From what you have added (I too made a custom Hiren CD + menus but missed the Win’7 availability) I can see we have similar needs – backup, recovery, disk tools / management but I don’t need ‘deep’ encryption and stopped using the Symantec (backup) tools for Macrium. Just for my info’ which VPN did you choose – I used Hamachi which was ”magic’ until LogMeIn? bought it out.

      Does your multi-boot tool (Grub4DOS?) support UEFI? – if it did – surely that would defeat ‘Secure Boot’ for attacks by USB boot?

      I *assume* that DISM is the main(/only) tool that you use in the customisation so unless I hear otherwise I will explore that on one of my Win10 laptops…

      Again thanks for the info’ – I am sure there are others lurking here who will be doing similar things to your self.
      Is there a forum or even sub-forum (of that is even more specific to your (and my) needs?

  9. rcook says:

    With the demands and commentary I am amazed you even bother. I really appreciate your work. I am amazed you even bother to post some of the advice/requests.

    Thank you for your patience with all of us!


  10. DFAnton says:

    Please make sure that this rescue ISO can do my sewing. I expect my pants hemmed and on my desk by Tuesday. Thank you.

  11. bob.omb says:

    So are you having issues getting he login screen from blue to red?

    • gandalf50 says:

      If I login with the system account it seems to work fine and allow me to make changes to the wim.

      • bob.omb says:

        If you get Admin account working again I just posted registry settings the the oven for theming the admin login color. I included red in case you want it for your build.

  12. mgforce says:

    Thanks @gandalf50 for all the efforts and sweat put in to bring WinPE. Eagerly waiting!

  13. kretzu77 says:

    Respect for your work man.

  14. gandalf50 says:

    The new build is completed but before I release it I would like a few people to test it and give me their feedback on any issues. Send me your email to and I will add you to the ondrive share this evening when the build is uploaded to onedrive.

  15. Pavanelli says:

    New softwares in this build?

  16. vittorio says:

    thank you very very much: Is it possible to put the entire software in a Normal DVD 5 ( 4,7 Gb ) or we have tu put in a USB pen?

    • gandalf50 says:

      It is intended to be put on USB drive. Would require too much ram and load up would be too slow all in ram.

  17. wayne says:

    Hello Gandalf,
    Great work, I have a question regarding VM-player (from VMWARE) ->
    on your Windown10-32BIT build I was able to install VM-player with no problem.
    On the current Redstone2-64bit I receive an Error saying:
    “The System Administrator Has Set Policies to Prevent This Installation”.
    Do you know how to bypass this error?

  18. Split74 says:


    Try to open a command prompt as admin.. then type the following:
    net user administrator /active:yes

    see if that helps.

    • wayne says:

      I have tried your suggestion, although the command was successful, the error still persists,
      Any other thoughts how to solve this?


      • bob.omb says:

        It’s not going to work on this release unless Gandalf gets the Admin account up and running. Teamviewer and a couple other applications require administrator access and the framework for the admin account isn’t in place in this build. This is why its been taking so long to release, as he has been working hard to get that component up and running. He could have already released it but he’s going the extra mile trying to make it perfect for those who need features like this, its worth the wait it will only benefit more people…

  19. Split74 says:

    Hey Wayne,

    If this previously posted command works, you can add it to start-up automatically in the Win10pe.cfg file in the System32 directory. You will have to recompile the boot.wim when you do this though.

    For shits and giggles, can you test another thing.. maybe Gandalf can add this reg key as a long term fix for everyone.

    (Do this after a reboot – to clear out that previous command) – make sure you are getting the same install error.
    Open regedit and do the following:
    1. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\
    2. Create a new key called Installer
    3. In the Installer key create string value called: DisableMSI
    4. Right click DisableMSI and choose modify. Set the value to 0
    Close the registry and test this.

  20. KCare says:

    Shutdown doesn’t seem to work. Just hangs. Also tried running shutdown from command prompt. Same thing, hangs. Running this from a usb ssd drive on a HP Elitebook 850.
    Love the red background and thanks for all you do.

  21. Gary says:

    I’m on the 10/4 iso. There are many problems.

    1. Shutdown, restart, etc do not work unless I have to wait a very long time for them to kick in.

    2. Some programs don’t work. AIDA64 is one. The menu pops up but I can’t do anything with it. Even closing it takes forever. I’m sure some other programs suffer the same thing.

    3. Clicking on Personalize, off of the desktop, results in
    an error ‘Class not Registered’. Explorer.exe is on the caption bar.

    4. Can’t bring up Windows 10 native Start screen no matter how I setup Start10.

    • gandalf50 says:

      1: Known issue use the shutdown and reboot scripts in the start menu
      2: I have had it crash on occasion, but most of the time it works
      3: Personalize is not incorporated into the build and since windows loads in ram, settings would never stay anyways
      4: Win 10 native start screen not part of this pe.

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