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MDT 2012 using Driver Groups

Managing drivers in MDT 2012 using Driver Groups Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 has some nice improvements to its successors in the driver handling department. You can use Driver Groups or Selection Profiles. In this tutorial I will describe using Driver Groups to manage drivers in MDT 2012. Firstly we will build the ‘Out-of-Box Drivers’ folder […]

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MDT Task sequence will not join domain

When running a sequence to join a domain you will usually not have any issues on actual hardware or using Hyper-V using the below customsettings.ini  that uses the domainadminID  format. DomainAdmin=domainadminID DomainAdminPassword=password Occasionally using the above settings will fail in vmware. If so, try changing your settings as shown below. DomainAdmin=adminID DomainAdminDomain=domain DomainAdminPassword=password

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