Installation and Configuration of the Windows Server 2008 SMTP Server Feature

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Installing the SMTP Server Feature on Windows 2008 is an easy process requiring only few steps to complete. In this article I will describe the step by step configuration and installation of the SMTP Server feature and how to enable the smtp to relay from the local server.

Step 1:
Opening Server Manager Console and under Features select Add Features


Step 2:
Selecting SMTP Server option


Step 3:
Click on Install wait until finish and click close


Step 4:
Waiting for installation to finish and clicking on Close


Step 5:
Opening IIS 6.0 Manager under Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services 6.0


Step 6:
Under [SMTP Virtual Server] right mouse click and choose properties

Step 7:
Select Relay under Access Tab

Step 8:
Select Only the list below and click on Add button

Step 9:
Enter IP Address for relay

Step 10:
Sending a manual email through telnet to confirm everything working successfully.Telnet localhost 25 or telnet yourpublicip 25 and make sure you open the specific port on your firewall to be available to public. To end message hit ENTER then a period then hit ENTER again


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  1. Ali Abbas says:

    can’t understand step 10

  2. Ali Abbas says:

    Thanks for reply …
    but my prob is that i have win 2008r2 and 10 user
    recently we change our ISP, they provided us there Smtp. when we sending mail from sever its sending but when we sending mail from user its error msg rely.. (Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Subject: test from hafeez pc after enter smtp ip on relay .33
    Sent: 30-Aug-13 5:57 PM

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    ‘’ on 30-Aug-13 5:57 PM
    Server error: ‘550 5.7.1 … Relaying denied. IP name lookup failed )

    My server Roles:
    1:Active Directory Certificate Services
    2:Actice Directory Domain Services
    3:DNS Server
    4:File Services

    My Server Features:
    1:.NET Framework 3.5.1
    2:Ink Support
    3:Remote Server Backup Features
    4:windows Server Backup

    Pls tell me if i follow this tutorial my problem is soled ???
    if not pls tell me solution …

    waiting for reply….

    • gandalf50 says:

      Depending on your situation you may want to try some of these possible solutions

      1. Make sure with your email administrator that your email server is setup to allow smtp relaying from trusted local internal IP addresses.
      2. Make sure that your computers IP address is on the list of trusted clients on the email server.
      3. Some email servers may allow relaying only if you log in and check email atleast once from a given IP address. In this case, you can check your POP3 email first before sending SMTP email from a new computer.
      4. Some email servers allow smtp relaying only if you log in and check email within the last 1 hour/day etc… In this case, you should use the pop3 authentication method to send email.
      5. Some servers require you to authenticate before sending email. In this case, use the smtp or java authentication methods.
      6. Microsoft Exchange: make sure that your exchange server is configured to allow smtp relaying either for trusted IP addreses, or for users that are authenticated.
      7. Make sure that your email administrator has configured your ip address / account to send internal and external email.
      Hope it helps

  3. WEEE says:

    Hi colleagues, its a wonderful post regarding teaching and fully explained, keep it up all the time.

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