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Restoring deleted or messed up srv records in Windows Server 2012

There are occasions when you play with things you shouldn’t.  In those cases where you accidentally delete your SRV records it is very easy to get them back.

Go to an administrative command prompt an type nltest /dsregdns

Check the short 60 second video below.

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Using Windows PowerShell to fix a broken Secure Channel and reset the computer account

When a computer joins a domain, a computer account is created in AD. The computer account gets its own password that will expire after 30 days (default). When the password expires, the computer itself will initiate a password change with a DC in its domain.

When the computer starts up, it uses this password to create a secure channel (SC) with a DC. The computer will request to sign all traffic that passes the SC. If a DC says “go ahead”, all traffic that is signed passes through this channel.

Traffic like NTLM pass through authentication is typically signed traffic.

So what happens if there is a mismatch between the computer account password? The computer tries to authenticate, but the DC says this is not the correct password.

The SC is down.

To reset the SC between a computer and a DC:

Open PowerShell on the local computer with the broken SC and run the cmdlet:

Test-ComputerSecureChannel -repair

*The cmdlet requires PowerShell 2.0  (which is pre-installed on Win7/2008R2) or greater

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